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A protective film for the skin

There are medicinal plants that are easy to grow in the garden and are very beneficial for skin diseases and injuries such as sunburn, herpes or psoriasis. A cold water extract from the flowers of the Mauritanian mallow (Malva sylvestris ssp. Mauretanica), for example, contains anti-inflammatory mucilage. They relieve a variety of eczema by protecting the reddened skin. Before being used as a cooling compress, the medicinal tea must be drawn for at least one hour.

Lemon balm stops herpes viruses

In cell cultures with herpes viruses, Heidelberg scientists have been able to show that the oil of lemon balm reduces the skin infection by more than 97 percent by blocking the virus from attack by skin cells. You should dab the freshly squeezed juice of the leaves daily before the onset of the herpes infection several times daily on the relevant site of the skin.

Rosemary gets the circulation going

After a heat stroke or sunburn, the skin suffers from redness and swelling, the body fights dizziness and headaches and a lack of fluid, which strains the circulation. Rosemary can help here. First, go to a cool place, drink plenty of water and cool the affected areas. 30 drops of rosemary tincture, which can easily be applied on its own, stabilize the circulation. Rosemary also promotes blood flow and supports blood flow to the heart and brain.

Cutting rosemary

For the rosemary tincture, cut off the top ten centimeters of the stems

Make rosemary tincture: Between May and August, harvest the top ten centimeters of the medicinal plant, pluck the leaves from the stems and cut them as small as possible. Pour into a wide-necked transparent glass jar and fill up with vodka or double grain in a ratio of 1: 5 to 1:10. Put the glass on the windowsill and shake daily. Then filter the tincture and fill in small dark dropper bottles from the pharmacy.

Peppermint takes away the pain

The leaves of this herb, which has been highly valued for millennia, contain essential oils - mainly menthol - as well as flavonoids, tannins and bitter substances. A combination that has proven to be very effective in treating insect bites. The leaves of the peppermint are turned, pressed and kneaded until the oily juice, which is dabbed on the painful sting site. The slight numbing of the skin dampens the pain immediately.

Skin care with sea buckthorn

Sea-buckthorn berries are known for their high vitamin C content. An extremely effective healing and skin care product is the orange-red pulp oil that is extracted from the berries. It has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. Externally, the oil is dabbed at the sun-damaged or itch-related scratching reddened skin and covered with a compress - but beware, the oil colors! If you take ten drops three times a day before the start of your holiday, the carotenoids will accumulate in the skin and increase the resistance of the skin to UV light damage.

sea ​​buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is an effective remedy for sunburn

The witch hazel as a wound healer

The virgin witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) - only this species is used medicinally - has germ-inhibiting essential oils, cell-protecting flavonoids and wound-healing tannins. For a cool compress with witch hazel, the leaves are finely chopped, placed in a cup or jug, and brewed with hot water. Cover it or cover the cup so that the essential oils do not evaporate. The leaves can also be used dried, best harvest time is the late summer.

Ribwort plantain as meadow patch

Quick to the spot, because it occurs almost everywhere in the wild, is the ribwort plantain. Its pain, inflammation and itching ingredients help the skin with insect bites, stinging nettles or cuts. To do this, pick some clean leaves and turn, fold and squeeze until the sap leaves. Dab on the affected area of ​​the skin, do not rub, and allow to air dry.

Onion and lemon against insect bites

The fresh juice of a lemon takes the itch in insect bites immediately. Simply dab or place a slice of lemon on the swollen area and fix with a gauze bandage. Equally effective is a freshly cut onion that is pressed onto the skin. The onion juice has an anti-inflammatory, germ-killing, decongestant and promotes wound healing. Even if it itches: Avoid scratching, otherwise there is a risk that the sting site will become inflamed.

Aloe vera gel

The juice of aloe vera promotes the healing of the skin

Aloe gel moisturizes

As a dietary supplement and skin care product, aloe vera has reached unprecedented popularity. The pith of the leaves, a transparent gel, is often used on the skin for burn injuries, insect bites, cuts, psoriasis and sunburn. With a sharp knife it is removed from the sheet and placed on the skin or painted. Remove the yellowish aloin, which is under the leaf skin, as it may cause skin irritation.

Tees against skin problems

Medicinal teas also relieve the unpleasant effects of sunburn and insect bites. Black tea, chamomile and witch hazel have anti-inflammatory tannins. Mallow and marigold provide mucilage that covers the skin like a protective film. And the peppermint scores with cooling menthol, flavonoids and tannins. To prepare a tea, take 1 tbsp fresh or 1 tsp dried herb per cup (150 milliliters). With the exception of black tea, which has to be pulled for 15 minutes to dissolve the tannins, ten minutes of brewing time is sufficient. After cooling, dip a light cotton cloth in the liquid and place on the aching skin.

Camomile tea

Many plants, as well as the camomile, develop their healing powers as tea

The kitchen pharmacy for the skin

A raw potato, a little imagination and a funny story quickly dry the tears of children who have been stung by an insect or burned themselves on the hot stove. To do this, cut off the end of a small potato, hollow out the inside and immediately put it on the finger. Comfort and distraction bring the potato face together, while the cool moisture soothes the pain. Even with sunburnt skin help raw potato slices, cucumbers, tomatoes, natural yoghurt or quark. Ideally, the kitchen first aiders come straight from the fridge. Use dairy products only on intact skin. As soon as the pain subsides, gently rub the skin with St. John's wort oil.

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