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The so-called DickmÀnnchen is an evergreen groundcover. Here are our tips for planting and care of this great ground cover.

The DickmÀnnchen is a great plant for the shade

Perfect shade plant

How often does the gardener wonder what he should plant in the shadows in the garden? Fern, grass and ivy always make a sad, uniform picture. A remedy here is the easy-care, white-flowering male in spring, which proves to be a perfect shade plant. Moreover, it can also be planted directly below trees, because it can easily withstand a root pressure that often forms there.

Plant the big man

DickmÀnnchen are evergreen, densely proliferating groundcover, but spread quite slowly. As a rule, therefore, up to 8 plantlets should be used on 1 square meter garden area. In the gardening market are now also DickmÀnnchen offered with white colored leaf margins, which give a visually very pretty picture. Both varieties can be easily planted together.

Important: The Asian storks are poisonous!


Rear section:
Actually, the sturdy, winter hardy DickmÀnnchen themselves need no proper care. Only now and then should they be cut into shape. However, if weeds proliferate between plants, they must be carefully weeded.

Too much sun:
However, when the tall male, which grows up to 30 centimeters high, is exposed to the sun, the leaves turn slightly yellowish. In such cases, they must be poured more frequently.

The growth of the DickmÀnnchen can be supported by the incorporation of a little enriched compost - ideal time for this is the fall. Otherwise, there is no need for additional manure.

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