Three ideas for a terraced garden

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Even in a narrow and small row house garden many ideas can be realized. With the right planning you can create a small but fine oasis of peace. Whether modern, rural or floral - we present three different ways to create a terraced garden.

Modern, easy to clean and completely without turf

Many small gardeners can confirm that small gardens do a lot more work than average. From the house you have the green kingdom always in view and in summer the garden is used daily as an open-air room. It is important that he always makes an appealing impression. With a few design tricks you can keep the care work in limits and still the garden is an eye-catcher all year round. Since the space for the lawn mower is often limited anyway, this design proposal can do without it: instead of the green carpet, wooden decks cover the ground on two different levels. Choose durable and non-slip wood flooring; the substructure should be taken over by a specialist.

Modern terraced house garden

A modern small garden with two wooden decks, a pond and easy-care planting

For privacy on the terrace on one side evergreen, medium-high bamboo (Fargesia 'Simba', without foothills), on the other side provides a bed of tall perennials and grasses. In front of the terrace there is room for a water basin with water lily, which is shielded by a row of ornamental grasses (Panicum virgatum 'Rehbraun') to the rear. The path passes an L-shaped pebble bed planted with yarrow, ornamental grasses and fan maple (Acer palmatum 'Osakazuki', up to four meters high). On the second wooden deck level you can enjoy the garden in the relaxation area from the deck chair undisturbed, surrounded by bamboo, purple ball tuba, grasses and a trellis with a whistle. Offset white wooden slats mark the garden border on the long sides.

Rural terraced garden

Fresh fruits and vegetables from our own bed always taste the best! Row house owners do not have to give up this enjoyment, even if you can not provide a family of ten with the harvest. But sometimes a lettuce head and radishes for lunch, an apple cake with fruit from your own tree and spicy herbs for the quark at dinner are definitely in it. The best way to combine fruit and vegetables with flowers in the rural garden, a style that can be implemented on a few square meters. For privacy on the terrace provide a simple wooden wall and a trellis with a climbing rose.

Reihenhasugarten with rural flair

The rural variant is just right for hobby gardeners who grow their own fruit and vegetables. Thanks to clever room layout and appealing design, the look is not too short

The lawn replaces an easy-care flower meadow, which does not need to be mowed regularly. Fruit trees such as the apple and pear tree in space-saving spindle shape grow on one side of the meadow, the other side adorns a bed of summer flowers and berry bushes. Treadplates lead you through the meadow and through the rose arch to the back garden area, which is optically separated from a row of tall summer flowers, dahlias and gladioli. In four small flower beds, divided according to the model of a cottage garden and bordered with low hedges of Japanese holly (Ilex crenata, good boxwood alternative), grows the vegetables of the season. Narrow bark mulch paths intersect at the Rosen Hochstämmchen. In the garden house garden tools are stowed, behind it is room for the compost and other berry bushes.

Curved terraced garden

Even if the outer boundaries of terraced gardens dictate an angular shape, it does not mean that even within the garden a rectangular line must always prevail. Curved curves break up the rectangular basic shape and provide a welcome change as well as a harmonious overall picture. A clever layout creates space for generous beds and romantic seating niches. Here the entire garden is surrounded by flowering plants such as Indian nettle, flaming flower, lady's mantle, catmint and petals such as the dark-leaved purple bell. This flowering frame was not created as usual as a rectangular bedding strip, but divides the lawn thanks to a curved course in two areas. So in the back garden part is a small sitting area with comfortable sun loungers, which is surrounded by fragrant roses and perennials.

Curved terraced garden

Organic shapes define the appearance of this flowery terraced garden

Two small trees ensure pleasant shade on hot summer days: flower dogwood (Cornus kousa) and rock pear (Amelanchier spicata) adorn themselves with flowers in spring.In favor of the abundance of flowers, other garden elements such as a pond, a larger second paved seat or a garden house have been deliberately omitted. A welcome antidote to the colorful beds is the green lawn, which is separated from the bed area with low yew hedges and a single-row clinker brick surround. The latter makes it easier to mow at the lawn edge and also fits the terrace, which was also paved with red clinker bricks. The shape of the terrace is not rectangular, but as a semicircle forms a harmonious transition to the lawn. Both sides of the terrace are flanked by wooden lattices, which are space-saving and offer flower-rich climbing plants a climbing aid. Potted plants enrich the seating group.

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