The three most common diseases in roses

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Diseases Rose star soot

Roses are beautiful and an ornament in every garden. But roses need a lot of care and are prone to diseases. Here is a small listing of the common occurring Diseases in roses:

  1. Powdery mildew: The surface is white and affects mainly shoot tips and young leaves.
  2. Rose rust: Yellow, subsequently also brown to black spots on the upper side of the leaf, small dark red to black spots on the underside of the leaf, this is the expression of the rose rust.
  3. blackspot: Black, large patches mainly affect older leaves.

Of course, pesticides help against all these diseases. But you can also do something about it in advance. Particularly important is a well-ventilated location. This means that you should always cut back the rose well. That alone minimizes the risk of the disease many times over.

Then regular fertilization is of course just as important as the casting, which should not happen from above. The more leaves you wet, the more susceptible the rose becomes.

Video Board: Black Spot Rose Disease – Treatment and Prevention.

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