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The goal of garden design is to structure the existing space as perfectly as possible, to create tension and at the same time to achieve a harmonious overall effect. Regardless of the size of the property and the style, beds and borders play a central role in this. From small and square to long and narrow: The size and shape of the planting islands are mainly dependent on the location and terrain.

In Apple pie order

Whether on a large area or in the terraced garden: the proportions must be right. Square shapes have a neutral effect and can be applied to all garden elements, from beds to terraces and paths to water basins.

Rectangular bed

A rectangular arrangement of the rectangular beds creates an L-shape with a path in between

Symmetrical arrangements or repetitions of the same format increase the garden spaces. The design is interesting by the plant of different beds across each other. This often creates an L-shape through which even a path can lead, without separating the unit.
The selected plants in the example opposite tolerate sun and light shade. On the left, a pear (Amelanchier) sets a strong accent from its white blossom in April to orange-red autumn foliage. It is underplanted with light pink cranesbill (Geranium sanguineum "apple blossom"), pink peony ("Noemi Demay") and stonecrop (Sedum "autumn joy"). These perennials adorn the bed opposite, complemented by the pink shrub rose "La Rose de Molinard" and ball barberry.

To provide variety

In front of hedges and fences, in the entrance area or next to the house, one often encounters narrow plant strips. Making it appealing and beautiful all year round is not easy. Our idea of ​​planting shows what you can conjure up from a problem child in a shady location.

Idea hedge

Narrow plant strips along walls or hedges are a particular challenge when planting

On the one hand, it is important to visually interrupt the length of the green wall. In the white trellis, a white-flowered mountain clematis (Clematis montana "Alba") conquers the yew hedge (Taxus baccata) in May / June. In addition, water splashing from a modern stainless steel waterfall, which is embedded in a light gray glazed wall element, in a basin made of the same material. In the nearly one-meter-wide planting strip next to the white hydrangea "Hovaria Hayes Starburst" upright miscanthus (Miscanthus sinensis "Ghana") is planted. The leaves of the stately ornamental grass glow orange in late autumn. Towards the road grow the Goldrand-Funkie (Hosta x fortunei "Aureomarginata") as well as the blue-green-leaved cultivar "Blue Cadet", which grows to a height of about 20 cm. Already in April / May, the white Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis "Alba") shines in front of the trellis.

Triangular beds

Surprises come with the creation of triangular borders. Depending on the available space, for example, in the front yard, on the terrace or in the middle of the lawn. This bedding enriches each property with a selected plant selection. So that the exact edge guide is always easy to see, you should give the combination of perennials a lot of effort: centering tall or bulging species, upholstery or low grasses come to the edge. Who does not see it so strictly: In less formal gardens may lady's mantle, cranesbill or lavender grow quietly over the edges. Their curves then give strictly geometric surfaces the necessary charm.

Idea island bed

Triangular islands are suitable for special theme beds or to implement a color scheme

All around, lavender grows "Two Seasons", which forms another in September after the main blooms in July. The mountain mint (Calamintha nepeta), which has a light purple bloom until autumn, attracts many insects with its mint-scented leaves. It can be used well as a border or as a gap filler. Indispensable in the fragrance bed is thyme. The leaves of the 30 cm high rosebud thyme (Thymus species) have a delicate fragrance of damask roses.
In the gray plant pots on the edge the evergreen shrubs come into their own. The field thyme (Thymus serpyllum "Magic Carpet") covers the ground between large and small stones as a flat carpet. There is still room for a rosemary high stalk in the right corner. At the transition from the bed to the light floor covering, the attractive ornamental grass blue winged species (Festuca cinerea "Elijah Blue") grows.

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