Time for bulb flowers

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The small, filigree species such as snowdrops, winterlings, crocuses, blue oysters or anemones work best in dense tuffs. In the light shade of still uncultivated trees, they form dense, colorful flowerbeds over time.

Flowers for the meadow

If you want to bloom your spring meadow, you have to help out with it. For the planting of individual groups, turf lawns are punctured at irregular intervals. The open ground is loosened about ten inches deep and enriched with some bone meal or mature compost. Then the bulbs or tubers are pressed well into the ground, covered with turf and watered.

Big and small flowers

Kaiserkron onion flower spring

Gracefully, the imperial crown shows its flowers in spring

The majestic imperial crowns and steppe candles as well as the large-flowered, color-intensive cultivars of tulips and daffodils set vivid color accents. The trend is, however, the smaller wild forms. They are very undemanding, long-lived and flower early, e.g. the vineyard tulip (Tulipa sylvestris) with fragrant yellow flowers or Tulipa greigii 'Wildform' with a black core in bright orange flower. They are well suited for natural garden areas such as woody edges or rockeries.
Tip: When buying flower bulbs, pay attention to dry, firm onions. Leave goods with mold or rot spots.

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