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Discover your new hobby: mosaic art with tiles and glass. Conjure the most beautiful motives on flowerpots, vases, bowls or even tables. Mosaic stones and accessories can be found in craft shops. Or ask the tile shop for leftovers and fragments that you often get for a few pennies. Tear large pieces with a hammer (Attention, put a cloth over it!), Smaller pieces are shaped with pliers. Fix the pieces with tile adhesive. After drying is grouted. Let it dry again briefly and remove the excess mass with a spatula.
With balls and cones made of styrofoam as a base, you can easily make beautiful mosaic objects for the garden yourself. Caress yourself to such exclusive mosaic objects. You just need a little patience and not much time. Again, you get the tesserae in the craft shop or they smash a few leftover tiles.
Material and tools:
Depending on the size of the blank, you will need between 1 and 2 hours of pure working time to complete the mosaic objects (no waiting time). You need material: mosaic stones in different colors such as green or blue marbled, and some mirror mosaic or tile fragments that you can break into small pieces with a hammer and tweezers, mosaic tongs, tile adhesive, grout, a bowl to mix the mass, as desired craft or Emulsion paints for tinting the grout, various polystyrene balls and cones, rubber spatula for applying grout, wood glue, brush, brush, a soft cloth and rubber gloves.
Step by step to the self-tiled mosaic ball
1. Apply wood glue to styrofoam parts and allow to dry
Mix the wood glue well with a little water. To weatherproof the styrofoam parts, apply this mass to the parts face to face with a brush. First of all, coat the bottom of the Styrofoam cone thickly. Then let it dry well.
2. Cut out large pieces of tile
Share a part of the square mosaic stones with the mosaic tongs. If you work with whole tiles, you should first cut them into smaller pieces with a hammer and then use the mosaic tongs to cut them to size.
3. Stick mosaic stones
Apply the tile adhesive either directly to the mosaic stones and then stick them on or even apply a small area of ​​the polystyrene figure with glue and stick the stones on them.
4. Fill with joint white and allow to dry
Allow the mosaic objects to dry overnight. Mix the grout with water and color as required. Apply with rubber gloves and rubber spatula.
5. Carefully brush off the ball and clean it
Allow the grout to dry for about 20 minutes. Then carefully remove the excess mass with a small brush, without occupying the joints.
6. Finally, polish thoroughly
After brushing for mosaic objects, allow to dry for another two hours and then polish with a soft cloth. Now the pieces of jewelry can be arranged in the garden or in the house. Even in a large flowerpot with ivy they look very decorative.
Original arrangement
If you have been diligent and made several balls and a cone, you can look forward to it. So the arrangement in the garden or on the terrace looks particularly noble and immediately catches the eye. Combine the great unique items with the colors of your favorite flowers. Try it out, it's fun and worth it.

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