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A colorful mix of shrubs, perennials and flowers make the beds attractive. All you need is a few trees, but perennials and flowers are usually abundant.
For financial reasons, the plots are usually not that big anymore.
They often do not have more than 500 m². There is not much room for maneuver. For this the house construction is prescribed. There must be a smaller front garden and behind the house then the actual garden. All the regulations are tight, but there is still a solution to every problem.
front yard
If possible, there is a house tree in the front yard. That should not be too lush. Ball trees are ideal for this. They grow manageable, do not grow too big and do not do a lot of work. As a demarcation to the road, many choose a small fence or a flat hedge, e.g. from Buchs. In the flower beds plants have to cope with the often shady front gardens. There are plenty of groundcover plants that bloom nicely and otherwise persevere, they are left to their own devices. In between you can put spring flowering plants, which are also clear well without care and multiply by itself. One should plant so that either in every season about blooms or then just in winter evergreen plants to attract the eye. A totally gray front yard in winter is not a pretty sight. There must always be some life.
In small gardens and in those where the neighboring garden with house is very close, you should not plant trees that are quite large. Since the stress is preprogrammed with the neighbors. This does not suit anyone. Better are smaller trees, which neither grow in height nor in width too abundant. The mentioned ball trees are a good solution, but also high trunks. These are easy to keep in shape by appropriate cutting measures. High stems are found in many woody plants, such as garden hibiscus, hydrangeas, as well as normal trees and shrubs such as forsythia, elderberry, boxwood, holly, rhododendron, cypress and many more. Even tall roses are very popular. The advantage of the high trunks is that they can be kept well in the fence and they can also be underplanted. So you have more space in the flower beds.
All year round
The Beetbepflanzung must be chosen so that in every season something blooms and also evergreen plants are present. This way a bed can look lively even in winter. There are numerous winter-flowering shrubs such as the witch hazel or various snowballs and a sub-planting with Christmas or Lenzrosen. After that come many spring bloomers, woody plants such as forsythia and red currant and shrubs like Bleeding Heart and Elven Flower. The summer brings always a lot of color in the garden, especially beautiful are flowering shrubs such as hydrangeas and hibiscus, roses and many bedding flowers, no matter if perennials, annual or annual summer flowers. The selection is huge. In autumn, woody plants with colorful leaves such as copper rock pear, witch hazel and large-fruited apes, in addition to many colored grasses and colorful perennials, such as the various purple bells. Even flowers like asters, phlox, chrysanthemums and many others glow in the flower beds.
It is important that all plants are selected so that the location fits. This affects both the lighting conditions, as well as the existing soil.
Easy-care bedding planting
Weeds are a plague in every bed. But you can avoid it as much as possible. Weed fleece helps well, but should be introduced immediately when creating the bed. Mulching is also a variant. Of course you can also plant ground cover and perennials so densely that the weed in between hardly has a chance and if it is, then it is barely visible. If you take care when choosing bedding plants that they do not do too much work, you can save a lot of time. Ideal are plants that clean themselves. You do not have to remove faded flowers. Grasses do not need much care either. Cut them back in the spring or simply pull out the old plant parts and the grass looks like new and starts growing. Many flowering plants need to be cut only once a year, these are all easy to care for plants.
It is better to select fewer plant species and plant them in larger numbers than vice versa. Those who choose right the right time can spend their time enjoying their garden rather than sweating in it.

Video Board: Growing Beets from Sowing to Harvest.

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