Tips for taking care of the rhododendron

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It simply belongs in every garden, because it enchants us with its wonderful flowers: the speech is from the rhododendron. However, it only blooms magnificently with the right care.

Rhododendron care tips

The rhododendron is found almost everywhere and extremely popular. Not only because he has such beautiful flowers, but also because he is actually relatively easy to care for. However, that does not mean that you do not have to give him any care. If he receives no care units, it may happen that he does not thrive as you imagine. However, always remember the following care tips, then you will have no problems with your Rhododendron. He will then receive beautiful flowers that dip your garden in a sea of ​​white, red, yellow and purple.

This is how you properly cultivate rhododendrons


So that rhododendrons thrive well, the right location is important. The location should be bright, but not in the blazing sun. Ideal is a location under deep-rooted trees such as Pine trees. When it comes to planting, you should place the rhododendron in a hole that is twice as large as the root ball. The bale surface should be at the level of the earth's surface, so do not set too low.

To water:

Sun and high temperatures can be very troublesome for Rhododendron. So when it's really hot outside and also when the rhododendron has got a place in the blazing sun, you need to water it regularly and abundantly. If the rhododendron rolls its leaves, it wants to prevent evaporation. That is a sure sign that he urgently needs water.


If you want to do something good for your rhododendron, then fertilize it regularly with a rhododendrond fertilizer starting in March (pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions). Alternatively, you can also use compost.

It is also useful to spread mulch around the plant. It keeps the moisture better in the soil and protects the Rhododendron from drying out. It also releases nutrients to the soil and protects the roots from excessive sunlight.

To cut:

In itself, you do not have to cut the rhododendron. Rhododendrons can be quite large, which is not welcome in every garden. Then you even have to put on the secateurs and cut the rhododendron. This is best done in the fall directly after flowering. Shorten evenly about one third of the shoots to about 50 centimeters.

remove withered flowers:

Inflorescences that have withered should always break out at the same time, as it costs the plant too much strength to form seeds.


The rhododendrons available here are generally all hardy. So you do not have to make any arrangements for the winter here. The only exception is rhododendrons in the tub. You definitely need some protection in winter. Best place the potted plants in a bright but cool place in the house. Must overwinter the plant outside, because the bucket is e.g. has become too heavy, then surround the pot with insulating materials such as Coconut mats or bubble wrap.

The root ball should never completely dry out even in winter. So you have to water the rhododendron in winter too. Always do this on a frost-free day. Do not water too much, because if it freezes during the night, a large lump of ice is formed in the root area.

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