Tips for growing runner beans

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Cultivation pole beans tips

Runner beans in the garden are very popular. They are easy to clean and take up little space as they grow upwards. Therefore here are some tips for cultivation from runner beans and for care.

  1. Preferably, it has runner beans in partial shade and in moist soil. Unlike bush beans, they need more water, so pour plenty.
  2. In order for them to develop nicely, hanging shoots keep turning clockwise around the trellises, at the beginning you can tie them in, but over time this is no longer necessary.
  3. About 10 weeks after sowing the runner beans, you can harvest them. At least for the first time, because the beans bear fruit until late autumn and can therefore be harvested again and again.
  4. The beans are broken off directly on the thin stem or cut off with a knife. Do not rip, otherwise the fruit will be damaged and the bean can no longer be processed as a whole.
  5. If you want beans again next year, you can ripen a few beans. But postpone that to the end of the season as otherwise the plant will yield less.

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