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MDF boards are a popular material for interior work. How do you best paint?

MDF boards are ideal for quickly building your own home accessories that have exactly the dimensions you need. But in terms of color, these self-made structures are usually given a new face, so terribly decorative is the surface of an MDF board not. How can I paint MDF boards?

What are MDF boards?

    1. MDF means medium density fiberboard, These panels consist of a wood fiber material, which is manufactured in a standardized manufacturing process. The adjective "medium-density" describes a certain density: The currently applicable standards define a wide variety of plate properties for a wide variety of applications. It is characteristic, however, that the density is usually between that of high-density fibreboard (HDF) and the density of most cut wood (for example, a spruce sheet has only a gross density of around 470 kg per cubic meter).
      MDF is made by gently crushing finely shredded, mostly bark-free softwood. This results in a longitudinally and transversely uniformly homogeneous wood material with firm and smooth edges. You can buy MDF boards with a thickness of 2 to 60 mm, the density is between 600 and 1000 kg per cubic meter.
    1. MDF panels have a wealth of good technical properties, they are durable and durable, you can paint and coat them and veneer and they are easy to cut. They can therefore be used much like chipboard, with the difference that they are built so homogeneous that both the surfaces and the edges can be processed directly. So you do not need to attach a glue edge.
  1. The surface of an MDF board is quite smooth by the high-pressure pressing, but still very absorbent. So if you just paint it with paint, there would be a lot of paint in the plate.

Delete on MDF - that's how it works

    1. The surface must first be prepared for the paint, and the paint you choose depends on the loads that your work will be exposed to.
    1. A more decorative object, which is not touched except for occasional cleaning (eg a loudspeaker box) you could simply paint with wall paint (emulsion paint). This color is not so absorbed by the MDF, and if, it is not so bad, because it is quite cheap.
    1. But even the speaker box is probably more likely to shine, and every object made of MDF boards, which is used, needs a harder color coating, so paint. To make a beautiful and durable coating of your MDF boards with paint, some preliminary work is required:
    1. First, the smooth surface must be roughened so that a coat can ever stick. So you have to grind the MDF board - with quite fine sandpaper (grain size 150 to 180) and only until the surface of the board does not shine anymore. You can see that well when you look at the surface against the light. Also important is the sanding of the edges, so that a painting does not pop up later on the smooth edges.
  1. However, this roughened surface remains enormously absorbent in the MDF board, so it is recommended a filling primer, with a color that contains larger particles than the pores of the MDF board pass. Such a primer produces a uniform coating that covers the pressed wood mass as a closed composite.

fine work

    1. If you want a particularly smooth surface, go over it with a coat of primer several times, in between sanding it with ever finer sandpaper until grit sizes of 240 to 280 are reached. In between, the dust must also be removed with a damp cloth. The best way to apply primer and varnish evenly with a roll. Also, the paint can be applied more than once. Incidentally, the easiest way to apply is silk-matt or silk-gloss varnish, which is also the most resistant to contamination.
    1. If you really want a high gloss surface, it will probably only be perfect if you use a spray gun and work down to 600's and the end of 1200's sandpaper, such fine cuts are wet sanded.
    1. If the surface is to be particularly hard-wearing, it is recommended to use two-component paints, which cure very well.
  1. An insider's tip, which brings optimal results even without spraying, should be the use of paints that have particularly good flow properties. For these paints z. B. include the delta paints of CD-Color GmbH & Co. KG from 58313 Herdecke / Ruhr, under you will find the paints and dealer certificates.

My conclusion
But once an old painter told me that I should not worry so much if I wanted to process paint that I still have at home.The main thing, the products (primer, primer, paint) fit together from the system. Then, if need be, I would be able to get a completely smooth surface even with the roll, if I only sand and rub again with enough fine paper. Another good tip was that I could increase the durability of a paint surface by adding a layer or two of translucent paint at the very end.
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