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Plants, whether cheap or expensive, can be wintered. You will not always succeed in this attempt, but if you follow some tips and advice, you will enjoy your plants year after year.
First of all, you need accommodation, in other words a room for the wintering of your plants. This should be nice and cool if possible. The plants prefer constant temperatures between about 5° C to 10° C during the winter break. In addition, the room should be nice and bright.
Before you bring your plants to their winter home in late autumn, they should be examined again for diseases or pests.
Set up small containers or coasters with water. This allows you to increase the humidity in the room.
Pour the plants only moderately and only occasionally. The plants need time to recover and use the break, so to speak, as a hibernation, where they need only a little care and water.
If the plants begin to shed leaves or even sprout leaves, this is a sign that the plants are either too dark or too warm.
These rough guidelines apply to almost all plant species suitable for wintering.

Tips for plant hibernation: tips

Treble flower over the winter

The triple flower belongs to the genus of the miraculous plants. With good care, it reaches a height of over five meters and impresses with its colorful appearance. However, as our winters are quite frosty, this is not possible in our regions. And so that you can enjoy the colorful splendor of the driftwoods again next year, they should be professionally wintered.

Tips for plant hibernation: your plants

Hibernate Night Jasmine - Tips

Night Jasmine is also under the nameCestrum nocturnum known and captivates above all by its strong smell, which exudes the plant primarily at night and evening time. The small white flowers also provide a charming sight. The plant can be hibernate well indoors. Here is a guide to wintering.

Tips for plant hibernation: your plants

Stagnant and hanging pelargonium hibernate

Pelargoniums are popular balcony flowers and individually priced, but in the amount as we need them, quickly come together a few euros. This can be saved in the future by hibernating hanging and standing geraniums themselves. You can read here how it works!

Tips for plant hibernation: your plants

Hibernate Christmas Star

The red glowing poinsettias are considered typical Christmas plants. Especially during the Advent season they are offered everywhere. However, they often go to garbage at Christmas after this flowering season or are put away unnoticed. Because they often lose their beautiful leaves after a few days or look neglected. Learn how to bring poinsettias well over the winter.

Tips for plant hibernation: your plants

Hibernate hyacinths properly

Hyacinths belong to the lily family. You can plant them directly in the ground or in a flowerpot or flower pot. During the fall, the onions should be fertilized. Many people come to the error that the green leaves of the plant need to be cut. However, this is wrong because the plants need the leaves for nutrient utilization. If the leaves turn green, you can confidently start a cut and remove the leaves.

Tips for plant hibernation: hibernation

Overwinter snapdragon and cut back

Snapdragons can easily be overwintered during mild winters. They are relatively insensitive to the cold and may even bloom deep into December. Snapdragons can be overwintered in light frost. As a precaution, you can dig them out and store them in the cellar over the winter. Learn more.

Enzian, gentian bush & gentian tree overwinter

potato bush

Gentian is originally found in cooler mountainous regions. He actually prefers the higher-lying areas around the 1,000 to 3,000 meters. Nevertheless, the plant has in the meantime reached the path to the native gardens and now thrives in the front gardens or on balconies. Enzian itself - whether gentian or gentian tree - is very robust. Learn everything about care in winter.

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