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Tips for driving away bees: very

Bees are useful, but for many people they can be downright dangerous because they are allergic to bees. Therefore, many mistakenly resort to fly swatter and Co. and want to kill the bees. It would also be enough if you only sell the bees.
Bees are very sensitive and react strongly to scent stimuli. There are scents that attract the bees and there are also scents that drive away the bees. For example the smell of coffee. You can scatter coffee grounds in open terrain or provide small bowls or containers with coffee powder.
However, if you are bothered by the coffee grounds in your outdoor area, you may want to use a different method of repelling bees. How about basil, for example? - For this, it is sufficient if you plant the basil on your balcony or on your terraces in pots or planters. The scent of basil is very strong and drives the bees almost by itself.
It is also quite natural that the bees are attracted to something sweet and so it is not surprising when you sit outside at the coffee table and before you get fed up, you get unwanted bee visit. Make sure you cover your cakes and drinks safely. Because they quickly crawl into a bottle and get into your mouth unintentionally. This can be particularly bad for allergy sufferers and very dangerous.
More tips to keep bees away or distribute

  • To keep bees out of the house or out of the apartment, fly screens are a good choice. These can be easily attached to the window frame and if necessary - say, when the warm season is over, take off again. In addition, fly screens keep all insects and creepy-crawlies away.

  • If you have nests in the house or in the garden, you can have them resettled by a beekeeper or the fire brigade, but this can be very expensive.

  • If you have had the nest removed, you should treat the site with a special agent that you can purchase in spray form in any major hardware store. To prevent a new nest building.

  • Just as helpful as coffee grounds can be the use of smoke. However, this is not very pleasant for people.
Before you act against the bees, you should know that these are normally harmless. They simply defend themselves when they feel threatened. So just let the little buzz buzz around your garden. Avoid killing the animals and simply distribute them with some home remedies.

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