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Most of the plants found in the gardens are also suitable for terraced planting, as long as the light conditions on the terrace match the requirements of the plants. Therefore, there are all kinds of summer flowers, green plants and small shrubs.
Suitable plants for the terrace
A holiday mood comes up on the terrace, when large tubs with palm trees or banana trees are placed there. Just as well can be used for this the plants from the Mediterranean area such as the olive and lemon trees. These plants are even better for the terrace than for the garden, because they are only partially or not frost hardy and can be easily granted as a container plant for the winter.
A terrace can also be used to grow fruit in pots there. Fruit trees that have been refined on a base always remain small and grow like a column, so they take up little space. Even a climbing strawberry or different types of berries such as the blueberries are well suited for the Kübelhaltung.
The trees like the bougainvillea or the oleander and the plants on a high trunk need a bit more space. High stems are now found in many plants such as the margarites, which bloom throughout the summer, or the lantana, which changes the color of the flowers.
As an evergreen adornment for the terrace, the boxwood is particularly suitable, which can be cut into any shape. In the same way, the privet can be used, but it is not as hardy as the boxwood.
Planters for the terrace
On the terrace, the plants can be cultivated in small flower pots or in large pots. For a large number of small flowerpots, there are shelves, mostly made of wrought iron, and wooden ladders, which become narrower towards the top, so that the larger plants are at the bottom and the smaller ones at the top.
Plants in large pots can be used as privacy screens for the patio. For this example, the bamboo is well suited, which grows very fast and is very high. The pampas grass forms fronds in the autumn, which last all winter and therefore also offer a beautiful ornament for the terrace during this time.
For a wall around the terrace, as for the balconies, long planters can be used, which are best planted with flowering summer flowers. Geraniums and pansies and horned violets, which have a long flowering period, are popular and rather easy to care for. Evergreen plants such as the ivy and small conifers such as the dwarf conifers are ideal for year-round planting.
To beautify a wall on the terrace, a planter with a large trellis can be used. All plants that do not grow too high are suitable for this. Hanging teams are also very decorative and can be fixed to the ceiling or with a bracket on the wall. They can be planted with hanging petunias, bluebells, fuchsias or nasturtiums.

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