Tips against the spring fatigue

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The sun is shining and the first fresh green lures into the garden or for walks. But instead of getting fit and happy, we just feel limp and the circulation also causes problems. This is typical of the spring fatigue. The causes are not completely clear. The only certainty is: When it gets warmer, the blood vessels dilate and the blood pressure drops. You feel weak and sometimes even dizzy.

The hormones are also responsible for the complaints. In winter, the body increasingly produces the sleep hormone melatonin. In spring, the production is actually throttled. But for people who spend a lot of time indoors, this change does not work out smoothly. The consequences are constant listlessness and tiredness.

Daylight dispels spring fatigue

Out into nature, and in any weather - that's the best remedy for the spring fatigue. Daylight helps the body to switch the internal clock to spring. Together with movement, light is also important for the production of the happiness hormone serotonin, the antagonist of sleep hormone. In addition, the body is so supplied with plenty of oxygen, which also dispels the laxity. A good tip are changing showers in the morning. They boost the whole metabolism and make you fit. Important: always complete cold. And if the circulation weakens, then armpits help. You can run cold water over the name.

These plants contain many vitamins and minerals

spring salad

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Tips against the spring fatigue: spring

Tips against the spring fatigue: tips

Tips against the spring fatigue: tips


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Vitamins against spring tiredness

Tips against the spring fatigue: spring fatigue

Crunchy salad provides the body with spring tiredness the much needed vital substances for fitness and well-being

Tips against the spring fatigue: fatigue

In spring onions, in addition to many minerals are sulfides that stabilize the flagging blood pressure

Tips against the spring fatigue: blood

Birch leaves make excellent tea to stimulate the kidneys and thoroughly detoxify the body. We recommend a two-week cure, where you drink about a liter of tea every day

Tips against the spring fatigue: fatigue

Radishes get their sharpness through mustard oils, which stimulate the metabolism. And they provide a lot of iron - which is ideal for laxity because it improves blood cell formation and energy supply

Tips against the spring fatigue: spring fatigue

Scarab herb is a true vitamin C bomb - especially if it is not yet blooming. You can eat the leaves well raw

Tips against the spring fatigue: fatigue

Dandelion is healthy. The young leaves as a salad strengthen the digestion and support the detoxification work of the liver

spring salad

spring onions

birch leaves



Dandelion leaves

Lots of fruit and vegetables fill up after the winter mostly empty vital substance depots of the body again. Very delicious and especially rich in important vitamins and minerals are wild herbs such as wild garlic, celandine, dandelion or Gundermann. They taste wonderful in a salad. Energy supply whole grain products. Sea fish contains a lot of tryptophan, a building block for the happiness hormone. A deep in between scares compresses. Add a few drops of pure, natural mint oil to a bowl of hot water, dip a cloth, and wring it out. The cloth is then placed on the face for five minutes, breathing deeply into the abdomen and exhaling again.

Homemade wild garlic pesto against spring tiredness

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