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Squirrels are welcome guests in the garden at any time of the year. However, the cute rodents only get close to humans if they can not find enough food in the forest. Squirrels inhabit coniferous forests and mixed forests as well as parks with predominantly old trees, which produce sufficient seeds and nuts. There the animals scurry busily across the ground during the day or jump from tree to tree, always in search of food and hiding suitable places to bury their supplies.

Way of life of the squirrels

Squirrel or "Eichkatzen", as the red-furred rodents are also called, have a good sense of smell through which they manage in the winter even with a thin layer of snow to find most of their supplies. Supplies that were not found begin to germinate in the spring. For this reason, squirrels contribute an important ecological part, for example, to the forest structure. Incidentally, it is said that when squirrels collect especially diligently stocks in the fall, there should be a harsh winter.

Squirrel eating

Squirrels sit by eating and hold food in their forepaws

Squirrels are so-called omnivores. Depending on the season, they feed mainly on fruits, nuts and seeds. With a special technique they crack walnuts and hazelnuts in seconds. They gnaw a hole in the shell and then pry out large pieces of it. But even small animals, such as insects, larvae or snails are on their menu.
The squirrels spend the nights snuggled in their kobel. This is the name given to the spherical nests made of twigs, grass and moss, which are usually built close to the tree trunk and are closed all around except for a small opening. Most of the clean rodents build a second nest, the so-called shadow plane, to eat in or quickly find refuge from hunters.

In winter, the hairs grow on the ears to eye-catching brushes

In winter, the hairs grow on the ears to eye-catching brushes

Although it happens that squirrels live in small groups and share a Kobel, but mostly they are loners. In the mating season from late January to late summer, they seek a partner and get together a Kobel. Usually, the females get twice a year boy. After about 38 days wearing time, the mother pulls the litter, which usually consists of two to five boys, then alone big. The males drive them out even before the little kittens are born. Four months later, the little ones are self-employed and leave the nest. For some time afterwards, they stop near their mother's nest. After that, they also have an action space that can reach a size of one to fifty hectares.

Characteristics of a squirrel

Thanks to their pronounced sense of balance and their physique, squirrels are perfectly adapted to life in lofty heights. The densely hairy tail is almost as long as the entire body of the croissant and serves as a control aid when jumping, running and climbing. While warming the animal in winter, it provides shade on hot summer days. The color of the coat varies regionally, ranging from reddish brown, to greyish brown and black. Males and females are indistinguishable by their color. However, the conspicuous long pompoms only carry the squirrels in winter.

Squirrel with us in Germany

In Germany, there is still only the European squirrel, whose stock varies greatly depending on the food supply. Its natural enemies are pine marten, weasel, willow cat, eagle owl, hawk and buzzard. To escape the birds of prey, squirrels run in circles around the tree trunk. The pine marten is, in contrast to the small rodents, nocturnal and therefore often surprised you in your sleep. He is also a dangerous predator by day, because he too is a nimble climber and can jump further than squirrels. Often the light squirrels save themselves by dropping from the tall treetop to the ground.

Squirrel on a feed box

A feeding station hung in the tree or a special nesting box gladly accept the animals

How to attract squirrels to your garden

If you want to lure the local rodents into your garden, provide them with enough food or a place to sleep. When placing the game, remember that domestic cats are also among the hunters of squirrels. If you want to hang up a feed machine (specialized trade) for the cute climbing artist in the garden, you can also equip it with corn, dried fruit and carrots.If you have a hazel bush or maybe even a walnut tree in the garden and you live in the forest or near the park, you can often observe the "little reds" with the bushy tail in these weeks from close range.
Autumn is a busy time for the rodents, as they are now gathering supplies for the winter. In addition to walnuts acorns, beechnuts and chestnuts are sought after. The ingredients of peanuts, however, are not optimal for squirrels and should therefore never be offered as complete food. If squirrels have become accustomed to humans, they can be observed well, and in some cases even fed by hand.

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