To avoid the pine trees turn yellow

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Pests can cause the yellow color

conifers in your own garden are always very popular. If the garden is big enough, then you can let off steam in this area. But beware: you should pay attention to some while planting the trees.

Distance to neighboring plants

So it is important to ensure sufficient distance to neighboring plants, because the trees are placed too close together, then can very quickly yellow needles arise. If you find that by their coniferous trees, then check first if other plants are too close.

Avoid shadows

Furthermore, it should be checked whether the tree is not too much in the shade, so the branches get too little light. If yellow needles are observed, the shoots should be bleached out. But only those who are too dense.

Protect branches from damage

Also check that the branches are damaged and that, as a result, the discoloration may be affected. If this is the case, then cut off the damaged branches.

Examine trees for pests

Last but not least, you should check if you can detect pests on the needles or twigs. These too can cause the yellow color and the subsequent death of the branch. In case of pest infestation, a professional should take a look. Since there are too many pests, no general statement can be made here.

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