To gain garden furniture from Kettler

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Participate now and win: If you find the right solution, you have the chance to get a seating group worth 1000 Euro and 400 other prizes.

Answer our 24 quiz questions and put together the solution set from the letters that are assigned to the correct answers. Tip: Use the best writing pad and pen for help. Enter the Solution sentence on the last page in capital letters with spaces and without dots in the appropriate field, fill in your address data and win with luck some of the following 401 prizes.

A seating group Roma by Kettler

Garden furniture Roma Kettler

Seating group Roma by Kettler

The seating group Roma stands for classic design with contemporary materials. The high-quality, weatherproof plastic is specially designed for the high requirements in the outdoor area. The stable and easy-care seating group with a total value of approx. 1000 Euro consists of four armchairs, a table (solid plastic, Ø 160 cm), a wheelchair, a stool and two stackable chairs. All chairs are supplied with a support.

150x Organic Growbag by Floragard

Organic Growbag Floragard Tomato Earth

Plants are particularly easy to care for in the organic grow bag

Gardening, easier than ever: simply open the pre-punched markers and can plant the sack directly. The organic grow bag contains 25 liters of special soil for nutrient-requiring tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers or eggplants. Premium fertilizer supplies the plants with all important main and trace nutrients for a long time. The water requirement is lower than with conventional flowerpots, because the foil bag protects the earth from drying out.

250x Ranunculus 'Gambit'

Ranunculus 'Gambit' Buddha

Ranunculus 'Gambit' in different colors

The new Ranunculus series 'Gambit' captivates with large, full flowers and intense colors. The globular flowers with the Far Eastern flair of the peony appear from March to May in white yellow, pink, soft purple, white, orange and red. The Rankunkel 'Gambit' is a great plant - not only for friends of Asian garden art - and was therefore from of the editorial board of MY selected for balcony plant of the year.

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To gain garden furniture from Kettler: Question

Question 1: In the picture on the right you can see the delicate flowers of the...
A) Januaryhump
E) February glass
I) MĂ€rzenbecher
O) Apriltopf
Question 2: What really upset man, that brings him proverbial...
K) next to the rose
M) on the palm
F) under the chestnut
G) behind the fir
Question 3: What did Popeye, the sailor with the strong forearms, eat to get going?
D) beans
S) peas
T) carrots
M) spinach
Question 4: What do you call the fixed days in the calendar, the predictions z. B. about the weather allowed?
Ö) Lottery days
Ä) Lostage
Ü) Riveting days
Y) lucky days
Question 5: What is the title of a well-known film starring Johnny Depp, in which the horticultural style cut plays a role?
W) Harry with the book claws
M) William with the nail labors
G) Charles with the branch tips
R) Edward with scissorhands
Question 6: In MÀrzen the farmer tying the Rösslein, he sets his fields and meadows...
C) on fire
L) in the sand
P) by hand

Question 7-12

Question 7: Behind the ADR seal hides the General German...
E) Brussels sprouts grading
A) Renekloden breeding
I) Rose novelty examination
O) Rhododendron assessment
Question 8: What do you call the low-noise devices for shredding shrubs?
S) Quiet shredder
T) Shredder
K) Whisper Cleaner
V) Schweigschneider

To gain garden furniture from Kettler: group

Question 9: Under what name is the narcissus (photo) still known?
P) Valentine's gown
B) Whitsun
T) daffodil
N) Cudgel
Question 10: Which flower color is not available with hydrangeas so far?
H) white
L) Blue
G) pink
F) Black
Question 11: Other name for a leased property in a small garden.
P) Strebergarten
R) Allotments
S) Dread garden
D) shredder garden
Question 12: Easy-care perennial for summer beds, botanically named Achillea.
Ä) Geißstapel
Ö) goat's pack
Y) Bockbundel
Ü) Yarrow

Question 13-18

Question 13: What is the 28th of March?
P) Beginning of the rose blossom
W) Carnival end
G) Spring beginning
H) Beginning of summer time
Question 14: Which plant has beautiful yellow flowers, but is not particularly liked in the garden?
Z) Tigerhorn
L) dandelion
X) Pumageweih
K) Leopard bite

To gain garden furniture from Kettler: Question

Question 15: The spring flower on the photo on the right is a...
I) Network Iris
O) Angel tulip
U) Fischer daffodil
A) deep-sea hyacinth
Question 16: Layered and open-flame baked specialty?
L) shrub cake
S) leaf cake
N) tree cake
T) perennial cake
Question 17: Cold forging a scythe is also called...
K) whine
G) dengel
Question 18: What must the Druid Miraculix regularly cut in the forest for the Gallic potion?
S) Mistletoe
C) thistles
H) ivy
K) wild garlic

To gain garden furniture from Kettler: Question

Question 19: The house plant pictured on the right carries the name...
O) Hundesterz
U) squirrel fronds
E) Beaver tail
A) Cat's tail
Question 20: What can be done with many lawnmowers in one go?
R) volume
N) cutting height
T) tire pressure
S) cutting width
Question 21: Who landed a number 1 hit with "Red Roses" in the 70s?
H) Costa Cordalis
G) Peter Alexander
F) Freddy Breck
Q) Heintje
Question 22: Care products for the treatment of noble wooden garden furniture.
U) pine mustard
O) oak ketchup
E) Larch vinegar
A) Teak oil
Question 23: Which vegetables are ready for harvest just a few weeks after sowing?
N) radishes
R) celery
M) Cauliflower
C) Pumpkin
Question 24: Which day is not one of the important dates in the traditional farmers calendar?
H) Seven Sleepers Day
J) St. John's Day
G) Santa's Never-Day
Z) Cold Sophie

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