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The "Rain System" from Kärcher offers everything hobby gardeners need to provide plants with water in an individual and needs-oriented way. The system is easy to lay and adapt to any garden. For entry, there is the "Rain Box", a starter set for point and line irrigation. It consists of hoses, connectors, drip sleeves and other accessories - practically packed in a carrying box.

Kärcher Rain Box

Kärcher "Rain Box" and "SensoTimer ST 6 eco! Ogic"

Automatic watering

Together with the Kärcher "SensoTimer ST 6 eco! Ogic" automatic irrigation system, time-dependent and demand-dependent control is possible. The humidity of the soil at the plant root is measured by sensors and transmitted by radio to the control unit. This will start watering at the preset time only when necessary. It is therefore only poured as much as is actually needed.

Kärcher and MEIN are giving away two sets, each consisting of one "Rain Box" and one "ST6 Duo eco! Ogic" with two programmable water outlets. Just fill in the form below by 8th of June and you're there - we wish you luck!

This raffle is over.

Video Board: Karcher SensoTimer ST6 eco!ogic.

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