Tomato houses - how useful are they?

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Tomatoes are very sensitive

Planting tomatoes in the garden is something really great. What many people like is tomato houses. But how meaningful are they?

Tomatoes are sensitive
Tomatoes belong in every garden. The smell of the plants alone is wonderful. And first the taste of the fruits! But tomatoes are sensitive. Especially the late blight and brown rot makes many gardeners to create. This occurs when the leaves are wet, when the humidity is very high and when the temperature drops below 18 degrees. The spores are carried over many miles and can affect any tomato plant. So a very persistent illness.

Tomato houses - how useful are they?
Protection against such diseases offers the so-called tomato house. This is a superstructure with a roof closed on three sides, which consists of UV-resistant greenhouse film and creates ideal growing conditions for the tomatoes. The open side should always be away from the weather side. Completely closed houses, however, are unfavorable, since the humidity would be too high and forms condensation. These tomato houses are commercially available to buy, but you can also make them yourself with some skill. So the tomatoes are always well protected and fungal diseases have little chance.

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