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You should start sowing in February

In order for tomatoes to become big and tasty and to be able to harvest abundantly, good cultivation is required. How to grow your tomato, read here.

year plan
We have put together an annual plan for you to help you to plant and care for your tomatoes, so that they can become big and tasty and you can harvest richly:

January: Start now, preferably in the warm apartment or in the greenhouse with the sowing.

February March: The young plants are pointed out of the ground. You must now convert particularly strong plants into single pots.

April: Now the young plants come outside. Give the plants a stick to help them climb up and support themselves.

May June: It is best to pour the plants directly over the ground. This prevents mold or pests on the leaves. Do not forget to fertilize and very important: every 2 - 3 days to remove the Geiztriebe by simply canceling them.

Geiztriebe grow exactly in the crotch between the main drives. As you can see in my picture:

Pour out tomato shoots

Remove this Geiztrieb

July to October: Also, you have to break out the so-called Geiztriebe, this ensures that the fruits are lush and bigger. From August is harvest time, which extends into October. The plants are still blooming, even if they are already bearing fruit.

November December: Now you have to remove the plants and, if they are pest-free, they can be added to the compost. Subsequently, it is advisable to incorporate ripe compost directly into the garden soil. Then next year, new tomato plants will directly find "fresh" nutrients.

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