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Especially the self-grown tomatoes, which then taste really good with a lot of love and diligence, everyone wants to have always in the garden. This is not a problem, because seeds can be easily extracted from the tomatoes. From this can be next year again delicious tomatoes. But some things should be considered, so that the seed can really germinate then. Anyone who observes this will then have no problems with the semen production, especially since usually the seed from a single tomato is sufficient to get a good harvest.
First remove the cover
In order for the tomato seed to germinate, first remove the shell surrounding the seed. For seed extraction simply remove the seeds from the tomato with a small spoon. Then add the seeds, including the pulp, to the water. Usually, the seeds can then be poured into a sieve after about two days. Then clean the seeds of the slippery skin and then place them on a kitchen crepe. Thus, the slippery shell dissolves from the seeds and lies on the bottom of the glass.
Just let the tomato seeds dry
If the seeds can now lie on the kitchen crepe until they are really dry. This will last them for up to 5 years and can be activated again and again during this time. So it is also guaranteed that no chemicals or other means were used in semen collection. Especially because it again grows the delicious tomatoes that have tasted so good the year before. As a rule, the seed can be grown from almost any fruit or vegetable, which of course makes the gardener happy. After the semen has been collected, store it in a dry bag until it is time to bring it back into the ground. It is really important that the tomato seeds are stored in a dry place, so that it spoils when it starts to get wet or before germination starts to germinate.
Plant homemade tomato seed
Of course, nobody wants to store the seeds forever, but rather have delicious tomatoes in the garden again. So that the seeds can become tomatoes again, they must first be brought forward. For this purpose pre-breeding pots are suitable, which are then filled up to half with pre-breeding soil. Then prick small holes of about half a centimeter with a pin. Then place one seed in each hole and then fill the pot with soil. Then use a spray bottle to wet the soil well and place it in a warm and sunny place. It is important that no draft is created, otherwise the homemade tomato seeds are not concerned and above all it is best to moisten the soil several times a day. It is important that the seeds now get a lot of moisture, otherwise they can not handle.
Single Pikieren is important
After a while, the tomato plants are ready to move into larger pots. These should have a diameter of 8 centimeters, so that there is enough space. This step can be taken when the tomato plant has three leaves and is fully formed. After that, regularly water the young plants sparingly so that they do not get wet feet. If you have a greenhouse, you can start growing your own seeds in March by growing tomatoes. These young plants should not get cold. In mild weather, the young plants can ever get into the fresh air. Choose a sheltered but sunny place. However, these must then be recovered overnight, as there is still the risk of frost in this early season. If there is no greenhouse, then it is only sufficient to start growing your own seed in April.
Be careful with the water
Those who think their tomato seeds are too good and give too much water will be the opposite of what they really want. Therefore, pour only moderately, otherwise the young plants can get sick. These fall at some point and therefore this disease is called Umfaller disease. This is caused by too much water and if the plants do not have enough space. Unfortunately, there is no way to save the young shoots, because they simply rot away. Therefore, rather less water at once and more often a day. It is also important to timely pikieren, so that each plant has enough space. Prevention is also better than forbearance in this case. Therefore, it is often recommended by experienced gardeners to loosen the soil with some sand, so that the water can drain quickly.
Seed production is so easy
Since it is very easy to harvest semen from tomatoes, nobody has to buy new ones. Above all, the long durability ensures that this can also be stored really well. Just when the harvest was not that good in a year, then your own seed is still abundant. The cultivation is then just as easy, even if a little work arises. But every plant then rewards with the tastiest tomatoes in the world.Simple yet effective, as the tomato seed otherwise goes into the trash. So this gets the task that is intended by nature, especially without any chemical aids.
In organic farming
For propagation and breeding only varietal tomato seeds are suitable. It is enough to split an overripe tomato and remove the pulp. There are different methods for this. You can squeeze it through a sieve and wash it out. You can also halve the fruit and rub the two cut surfaces against each other. The seeds simply drop out together with a little liquid. Of course you can also use a spoon.
The seeds are best left to stand and then fermented again in a cup with some flesh. Then they are washed out again or put on a piece of kitchen towel and wiped off. They must be well dried before they can be packed away. The tomato seeds must be kept dry, cool and dark until used next spring.
Another way is to let the seeds with the liquid to dry on a kitchen towel for a few days. The liquid dries up, leaving the seeds. That's the easiest way.
In March, sow the self-harvested seeds. A good place to keep the planter bowl is a window sill without direct sunlight. If the plantlets have driven four leaves, they can be separated. After the Eisheiligen you can then plant them outdoors.

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