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Since tomatoes are very watery and have a very loose structure, they are quickly overcooked and become soggy. In any case, they are no longer solid after cooking. But they should not be so soft that they are crushed by their own weight.
Only very ripe fruits are used. It is important to wash and dry the tomatoes well. Then you cut out the stalk approaches. Either you remove the skin completely or you pierced a few times, e.g. with a toothpick. If you want the tomatoes pure, you fill them now in a canning or mason jar, pours vinegar and water and closes the glasses. Then they are put into a special wake-up pot. Even pressure cookers can be used for this. Who does not have such a pot, can put the glasses in the water bath. The water must be slowly and evenly heated to the specified temperature and then held until the contents are sterilized.
If you want a bit more taste for your tomatoes, you can spice them up. A mixture of chopped onions, garlic and fresh herbs like tarragon and / or thyme is mixed with vinegar and water and spread over the tomatoes. If you like it hot, season with peppercorns or chili peppers.
Otherwise, you can also cook the tomatoes and then pass with the fleets Lotte. Then you get tomato sauce, which you can cook unseasoned or with seasoning. Chutneys are delicious and easy to make. On the Internet you will find many delicious recipes and very precise instructions.
Instructions for cooking
Although this procedure is not as good as preserved canning, it is very well suited for domestic use and can also be used for tomatoes, as these are often harvested in such large quantities that not all can be eaten right away.
The old technique of cooking
For preserving preserving jars are needed, which are often referred to by the best known manufacturer of such glasses as mason jars. They consist of a glass, a separate lid, a rubber and a clamp. In the glasses, the food is given and filled with water. Then on the edge of the glass the rubber ring and on it the lid is put, which is fixed with a wire hanger. Then the glasses are placed in a water bath and heated. For this purpose, a special pressure cooker, but also an ordinary large pot can be used. The heat escapes the air from the glasses, which creates a negative pressure after cooling, through which the lid is pressed firmly onto the glass. After complete cooling, the clip can then be removed again and used for more glasses.
Hints for ageling of canning
Before the canning process begins, the glasses are thoroughly cleaned and, above all, rinsed hot, so that they do not jump during filling and in a water bath. This should be done shortly before cooking, so that the glasses are still warm when filling. Cooking only works when the edges of the glasses and the rubbers are absolutely clean. Likewise, the glass edges must not be damaged and the rubber rings must not be cracked, so these should be checked before filling. But even with intact glasses, it may happen that not every glass is hermetically sealed after canning. Therefore, especially in the days after cooking should be checked regularly, if all lids are firmly on the glasses. If a lid has come loose, the contents of the glass can still be used, but it should be used up as quickly as possible.
Bring the tomatoes to a boil
Canning used to be an activity that was carried out in every household with a garden. It is still used today and is particularly suitable for foods that can be frozen or not at all freeze. This category also includes the tomatoes. To cook them, they are picked ripe and processed as soon as possible after harvesting. First, they are thoroughly washed and, if desired, also skinned. For this purpose, they are doused with hot water, then the skin can be easily removed. Then they can be given as whole fruits or cut into pieces in the glasses and seasoned with salt, herbs or onions according to taste. For tomatoes that are cut into pieces or halves, it makes sense to cut out the stems approach. The glass is filled up to two centimeters below the edge with water, then closed with rubber ring, lid and clamp, placed in the Einmachtopf and cooked according to the manufacturer's instructions. In an ordinary pot, tomatoes are boiled for 20 to 25 minutes at 80° C.

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