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Whether in boxes or pots - tomatoes can also be easily pulled on the balcony. Nothing goes wrong with our tips.

Tomato balcony pull tips

The vegetables from our own breeding is much tastier than from the supermarket, is no longer a secret. Tomatoes from our own cultivation taste much more aromatic and fruity.

Tomatoes can not only be planted in the bed, but today you can easily plant cherry tomatoes as well as the big tomatoes in pots on the balcony. However, it should be big enough, as tomato plants need a lot of space. But that's not all.

So that nothing goes wrong when growing tomatoes, we have put together some tips here.

Find the ideal location

Preferably sun
Not every balcony is suitable for growing tomatoes. Tomatoes come from sun-kissed areas, so they need plenty of sun to thrive. For this reason, the balcony must be directed to the south or southwest, because the tomato needs as many hours of sunshine as possible. You also do not have to worry about the heat causing the plants. They are used to it by nature.

Plant protected from the wind
The location on the balcony should always be well protected from the wind. This prevents kinking when the plant is larger. Rain does not get the tomatoes so well, as it promotes the development of fungal diseases. It would be ideal if the balcony is covered. It is best to place the plant directly in front of the wall, which also stores additional heat and releases it again.

The best varieties for the balcony

In the meantime, you will find a huge selection of different types of tomatoes and growth forms in the trade. Since the space on the balcony is indeed limited, you decide best for high-growth varieties, the so-called cherry tomatoes. These can then tie you wonderfully to wooden sticks and pull them so in the air. It would be best if you put a rod at least two meters high in the bucket as a climbing aid.

" Tip: If you only have a small balcony, you should opt for the small cocktail tomatoes. These are not so high, but convince by a large number of fruits. You do not necessarily have to buy young plants, you can of course also pull the tomatoes from seeds. From March / April you can start growing on the windowsill or in the heated greenhouse.

Tips for growing tomatoes

What is needed?

In order for tomatoes to thrive on the balcony, they not only need plenty of sun, but also the right planters. The material does not matter, it depends primarily on the size. For a plant you need a vessel with a capacity of at least 15 liters. You can also put two plants together in a 40 liter bucket. The tomatoes form long roots, so they should have enough space. Although you can plant them in smaller vessels, then the harvest is not so big.

The right earth

In the bucket you best give a nutrient-rich soil. These can be enriched with compost or a special tomato fertilizer, for example. To loosen up the soil, you can use some fine gravel or Expanded clay. Since the plants are extremely susceptible to frost, you may only from the middle of May on the balcony.

Avoid waterlogging

Another important criterion is the water drainage. If this is not there, it quickly leads to waterlogging, which is deadly for tomato plants. The hole in the bottom of the bucket is best covered with a few potsherds, so the flow of excess water is guaranteed.

The care of the tomatoes on the balcony

Tip 1: Advance

During the growth phase you should thin out the tomato plant on a regular basis, which is also called outcropping. You remove the side shoots about once a week. So the plant grows rather in the height rather than in the width and puts all the power into the education of the tomatoes. With cocktail tomatoes this care measure is omitted, since the fruits remain very small anyway. You should not sprout tomatoes, because their growth is bushy.

The lower leaves are also removed regularly because they are mostly in contact with the ground.

Tip 2: Water regularly

Tomatoes need a lot of water in summer, so the soil should always be kept moist. Waterlogging is essential to avoid! On very hot days you must also water twice a day. Always avoid getting wet on the leaves to prevent fungal diseases.

Tip 3: Add tomatoes

The tomatoes belong to the so-called heavy-eaters, which means that they need a lot of nutrients. While the plants are growing, you should also provide them with a tomato fertilizer daily via the irrigation water.When dosing always observe the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging. Over-fertilization can cause considerable damage to the plants. (Reading tip: fertilize tomatoes - how it's done)

In fact, tomato plants are biennial, so you could have them overwinter in a warmer place. However, this is not really worth it, because in the second year, the harvest is very low.

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