Fertilize and care for tomatoes properly

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Tomatoes come in countless colors and shapes. A particularly important criterion for the choice of variety is the taste. Especially in outdoor cultivation, you should pay attention to the resistance to herbaceous, brown rot and other common fungal diseases such as velvet spots and mildew. In order for tomato plants to remain healthy, it should be fertilized according to the needs of the plant, water only from below and regularly, do not plant too tightly and prune out regularly.

How to prevent fungal infection

A planting distance of at least 60 centimeters in the row with 100 centimeters row spacing as well as a sunny place, where always a slight breeze blows, are among the most successful preventive measures with tomatoes. The faster leaves and fruits dry after rain or dew, the less the fungal pathogens can multiply. Therefore, you should also water only the root area and not the leaves when watering.

For a rich fruit set temperatures over 16 degrees are required. Tomatoes are not planted outside before mid-May. Put the young plants down to ten centimeters deeper than they have stood in the pot, then they additionally form roots around the stem approach, are more stable and can absorb water and nutrients better.

Fertilize tomatoes

Tomato starter

Harvest tomato fertilizer

As a start fertilizer and from the beginning of fruiting around each tomato plant just about a tablespoon (30 to 50 grams per square meter of Beetfäche) tomato or vegetable fertilizer distribute (left). Then use the cultivator to rake in the fertilizer superficially (right)

For the basic supply of tomato plants, three to five liters of compost per square meter of bed area are sufficient. When planting, you also use horn chips or other organic fertilizer in the soil. Alternatively, a mineral long-term fertilizer is suitable. From the beginning of fruiting tomatoes need more nutrients. Favorable are potassium- and magnesium-rich tomato or vegetable fertilizers. Nitrogen-enriched garden fertilizers promote the growth of leaves and shoots, but reduce the flowering and fruiting.
Tip: An even supply is achieved with a mixture of comfrey and nettle. The latter works very fast, the effect of comfrey is slower, but more sustainable. Do not compost the remains of the manure production, but distribute it around the tomato plants and work it in superficially.

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