Tomatoes burst - Causes and Tips for Avoidance

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Again and again occurs in tomatoes, the problem that their skin bursts just before the harvest. Why tomatoes burst and how you can prevent this, read here.

The bursting can be prevented

Sometimes this problem is sort-dependent (reading tip: interesting facts about tomato varieties), but sometimes also weather-dependent. Basically, you should always take a close look at burst tomatoes before eating them, because the cracks can cause defective bacteria to build up their rot. Of course, such tomatoes are inedible. Otherwise, you can also use split tomatoes sensibly.

First of all, what are the causes of burst tomatoes and how can you prevent them from bursting?

Causes and tips against the bursting of tomatoes

┬╗Circular, flat cracks:

Circular, flat cracks in the tomato skin are usually due to too much sunlight. In such cases too many leaves were often removed from the tomato bush. You can remedy this by shading the tomatoes a little during high heat. In this way, often a so-called corking of the tomatoes can be prevented.

┬╗Many small cracks:

Many small cracks often cause the tomatoes to be too wet and then exposed to direct heat far too quickly. If this was due to human irrigation, make sure that you always water the tomatoes early in the morning or in the evening. It is important that you never water the tomatoes from above, but only the trunk of the plant.


Against summer rain, you can only set up a roof or use a so-called tomato house.

┬╗Straight deep cracks:

Especially deep cracks, which often run out in a circle, are due to strong temperature fluctuations. The plants find protection under garden fleece, e.g. during cool night hours at the end of the tomato season.


At the same time you should pour the tomatoes only with little temperature fluctuations.

┬╗Star-shaped cracks:

Star-shaped cracks are often associated with a wide variety of nutrients (for example, if you have fertilized the plant too much). However, such cracks often occur if you pour the tomatoes too irregularly. On longer drought alternating with strong wetness, the tomatoes react but also with a bursting of the skin surface.

By the way:

Years of observations by specialized nurseries have led to the conclusion that straight greenhouse tomatoes are far less affected by cracking. This is primarily due to the prevailing, uniform climatic conditions.

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