Dry tomatoes properly - all variants in the test

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Dry tomatoes properly - all variants in the test: test

Although tomatoes are available year-round, they are associated with summer and sun. Many also like the round or oval tomatoes only in summer, because this is the harvest time of the tomatoes, and you bite into the full taste. Unfortunately, summer is always too short in this country. You can also get it in the autumn and winter. One possibility is dried tomatoes, whose smell and taste remind of the warm season.

Red and round

Tomatoes belong to the nightshade family like potatoes, peppers or eggplants. Today, there are several thousand varieties: yellow, orange, green or classic red. The variety of tomatoes can hardly be beat. However, not every variety is suitable for drying. Especially small fruity varieties are not very suitable for drying, since the drainage inside is difficult to control. Also, no green tomatoes should be dried.
Tip: It is best to use normal, red tomatoes or beef tomatoes for drying.

drying facilities

There are several ways to dry tomatoes:
  • automatic Food dehydrator
  • oven
  • Air and sun
  • microwave
Depending on the drying process, the tomatoes must be prepared differently. In addition, the duration of the drying process varies. It is considered finished when the tomatoes bend in a rubbery way.
Tip: So that dry tomatoes get a full flavor, only fully ripe tomatoes without green spots should be dried.

automatic Food dehydrator

Dehydrators or dehydrators usually consist of a small heating with air circulation function. Inside there are several screen meshes. It is practical if the Dehydrator has a temperature controller and a timer.

Preparations for drying

Before the tomatoes come into the dehydrator, they have to be peeled. Cut the tomato peel crosswise against the green stalk. Then add the tomatoes to boiling water for 20 to 20 seconds until the skin begins to dissolve. After the tomatoes have been quenched with ice water, gently peel the peel with your fingers. Finally, cut out the stem end.
Since tomatoes are never wholly dried, they must be cut before drying.
  • Slicing meat tomatoes (5 mm)
  • Quarter medium tomatoes
  • Halve cocktail tomatoes
Tip: Who wants, can spoon out the tomato seeds. This speeds up the drying process.


So that the tomatoes do not stick to the screen grilles of the Dehydrator, the grids can be brushed with olive oil.
  • Spread tomatoes about a centimeter apart
  • with salt (also sea salt) and pepper sprinkle
  • Season to taste with other herbs
  • Allow to dry for 8 to 12 hours at 60 to 75 degrees Celsius
It is advisable to control the process every hour. So you can see the progress and can regulate the temperature if necessary.

Dry in the oven

Dry the tomato properly

When drying in the oven, there are two options. The difference lies in the height of the temperature and the peeling process.

Dry with roast

In this variant, the tomato pieces after seasoning (salt, pepper, herbs to taste) are placed on a greased baking sheet. Alternatively, each piece can be brushed with olive oil.
Now the tomatoes are roasted in a preheated oven for about 30 minutes. Then pick the tomatoes from the oven and peel.
For drying, reduce the temperature of the oven to 150 degrees Celsius. Place the tomatoes on the baking tray and dry for three to four hours. Every 30 minutes, the tomato pieces must be turned. If they have a leathery consistency, the tomatoes are ready.
Tip: When turning around, you can also dump the accumulated water.

Dry without roasting

When drying in the oven, without first toasting the tomatoes, the tomatoes are dried with the peels.
Halve the tomatoes and then remove the juice, seeds and stem. Then place the tomato halves with the cut side down on kitchen paper and dry well. Then turn the tomatoes over again and place them with the cut surface facing upwards on a baking oven grid or oven tray lined with baking paper. Then the halves are salted with sea salt.
Tip: Make sure that they dry in approximately the same size tomatoes. So the process takes about the same length for all halves.
Place the oven grill or sheet with the salted tomatoes in the oven preheated to 90 degrees (top and bottom heat). There the tomatoes stay for five to six hours. You are done when no more moisture escapes at finger pressure. So that the moisture does not catch in the oven, put a wooden spoon in the oven door. So it stays ajar and moisture can escape.
Tip: Depending on the type of tomato and the oven temperature, drying can last into the night. If you want to sleep peacefully, you can switch off the oven overnight and continue drying the next morning.

Sun-dried tomatoes

Tomato sun drying grid

If the weather is hot and dry in summer, tomatoes can also be dried by the sun in this country. As with the other options, the tomatoes must first be cut but not peeled. Then proceed as follows:
  • Place with the cut side down on a wire shelf
  • To protect against birds or other pests, spread a dense network over it
  • put in a sun-drenched place with good air circulation
  • Bring grating into the house overnight or in the event of rain
If the weather helps, the tomatoes are dried in about three days. In order to dry them evenly, the tomatoes must be rotated again and again.

Dry in the microwave

Although not as many tomatoes fit in the microwave as on a baking tray, you can always use them to dry tomatoes.


Halve tomatoes, dry and salt. When drying with the microwave, be sure to remove juice and seeds as any extra moisture will delay the process. Place salted tomato halves on a round grid.


Put the grate with the tomatoes in the microwave. Heat tomatoes for two minutes at full power. Then open the door so that the moisture can escape completely. Then let the tomatoes dry for 20 to 30 minutes in the microwave at lowest power. To allow moisture to escape during this time, the door must be opened every two minutes.
Of the dry processes described, drying in the oven is the easiest way to cook, as you have all your utensils at home. A Dehydrator or -apparat leads to great success, however, must be considered, whether the purchase is worthwhile. If you decide for a Dehydrator, then he should definitely have a temperature controller. The most natural way to dry tomatoes is certainly the variations with the sun. Unfortunately, the sun in this country is not enough to dry tomatoes. The idea with the microwave is funny, but too expensive compared to the result. Our test winner is therefore the good, old oven.

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