Grave care costs - these costs are incurred per year

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Grave care costs - these costs are incurred per year: costs

Anyone who has to look after and care for a relative's grave knows how labor-intensive that can be. If the relative is still young for years, it does not cause him any physical discomfort to drive to the cemetery regularly and look there for the grave, but perhaps time is the problem for him.
Elderly people can not continue the care of the grave for health reasons or are simply too old for it. No matter for what reason you can not take over this task yourself and also in all cases, where no family member is present, the professional grave care is considered. Depending on the region you can order the cemetery administration or you have to see for yourself, to find a gardener, who takes over this task.

What to look for in the design of the tomb?

Graves are, in a sense, subject to the local cemetery ordinance, which regulates what is and is not allowed in tomb design. This is based on a common usage, regional certain principles may be added. So it is customary in some communities, only allow a certain form of the tomb, elsewhere, no trees may be planted on graves, etc. Especially easy-care graves are often covered with grave plates that require no further care, but also look very impersonal. If no lamp or plant adorns the grave, it no longer has any personal aspects. It would be nice in this case, if instead of the grave plate a groundcover would be planted, then it still looks natural.
The more planting is done on the grave, the more complex is the care. Even seasonal plants can increase the ongoing entertainment of the grave in terms of the time required. It follows, of course, that the care taken by a gardener becomes more expensive the more time he has to weed, cut back and plant seasonally.

What kind of service does the cemetery gardener offer?

grave planting

Certainly it is a question of agreement between the relative and the cemetery gardener, which work he should devote himself. However, if someone does not have time to look after the grave, they will probably want to use the full service. These are basically all the horticultural activities that have to be done, such as:
  • replanting
  • pruning
  • remove weeds
  • seasonal planting
  • special grave decoration for holidays
  • Pour with water
By the way, you can also hire a graveyard gardener if the grave is still fresh and a first design must be considered. He has advice on questions about the right planting, maybe he also has one or the other tip for the selection of the tomb.
Tip: Get quotes from several cemetery gardeners.
Since the grave care can be used once or permanently, you should pay attention to the price and performance in the selection here. With a long-term care contract members ensure the certainty that the grave is always taken care of and looked well, even if you can not take care of it.
There are more than 4,500 gardening companies in Germany, which can be used for a permanent tomb care. If you do not want to bother looking for a provider in your area, you can also consult one of the permanent trust maintenance trustees.

Costs for permanent tomb care

Depending on the respective contractually agreed service, the amount of the costs for the permanent tomb care also depends on the duration of the contract. If you conclude such a contract for a full term, this is 25 years. These costs can be charged as a lump sum:
  • Single Row Tomb - between € 4,500 and € 7,500
  • Row double grave - between € 5,500 and € 8,500
  • Urn grave - between € 3,000 and € 5,000

It is also calculated by area:

  • for an urn grave, children's grave - up to 1 square meter 50 euros
  • for a single grave - up to 2 square meters 85 euros
  • for a double grave - up to 5.5 square meters per square meter 40 euros

grave planting

These are, of course, guidelines, which can not only be regionally different, but can also be higher or lower due to personal wishes. Maybe it's also a good idea to look for a private provider on a tight budget. There are now many gardeners who take over such work in the part-time job. Any additional work that has nothing to do with the usual green maintenance, but turn, for example, to maintenance and repair services gravestone or enclosure, also come additionally to the bill.
Lowering, as they occur completely naturally or tombstones, which tend from different foundations to the side, also belong to the area of ​​this repair work. If mother earth has to be replaced, because after a few years the soil on the small grave area is exhausted, this is also calculated separately.
Tip: Extra work can only be done after prior consultation.
When selecting the plants, the specialist company also provides advice. He also has a sample catalog in hand, in which proposals for a grave design are to be seen. The best references, however, are the graves in the cemetery, which are maintained by his hand. This not only recognizes the gardener's creativity, but also whether he carries out the work with the necessary expertise and thoroughness.
The cemetery gardener not only undertakes the planting and care of the grave site, he also designs graves with stones. This is today an ever more to be found trend in cemeteries, lets the design so also very personally perform. Perhaps patterns are laid or symbols that were important to the deceased during his lifetime.

Worth knowing about grave care shortly

For the relatives grave care (considered sober) means once an activity that must be performed several times over the seasons. These include works such as watering, weeding, removing foliage, fertilizing, replenishing the sagging soil, renewing the plantings and planting cut flowers and other funeral ornaments on the grave, etc. However, each of these visits to the cemetery is also a meditation, feeling close to the faded and do mourning work.
Grave maintenance from the perspective of the experts, the cemetery gardener includes all activities during a year, which is agreed by means of a contract with the bereaved. But here, as with all other contracts, you should read the fine print and compare prices. The prices for a grave care, also called year-round tomb care or permanent tomb care, are quite different. They are dependent on the size of the tomb, and are also subject in height to the agreements that the bereaved with the cemetery gardening meet. Regional fluctuations can also be noted. However, a zirkapreis can be assumed.

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