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No garden without garden tools! Of course, spade, hoe and Co. are standard equipment. But what else are the most sought-after garden tools? Our top 10 betrays it.

Garden tools make the job a lot easier

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Every year in March, the garden season begins again. Then again numerous craftsmen and hobby gardeners flock to the hardware stores. Cheaper is it usually about the online shops, which enjoy increasing popularity. Above all, for example, We took the trouble and looked into the bestseller lists. Which garden tools are particularly popular in the online shops? Here you can find out.

Bestselling Garden Tools - Top 10 List

1st place: Fiskars Telescopic Weed Cutter
Place 2: Bosch Isio Set grass and shrub shear
Place 3: Bosch electric hedge trimmer
4th place: Bosch Cordless Grass Trimmer
5th place: Gardena Square Sprinkler Aquazoom
Rank 6: Bosch Rotak electric lawnmower
7th place Gloria electric cordless pressure sprayer
8th place: WOLF-Garten universal spreader
9th place: Fiskars roll handle pruner
Place 10: Sanifri garden hand shower

1st place: Fiskars Telescopic weed cutter

Fiskars Telescopic Weed Cutter

Stinging nettle, couch grass and dandelion are welcome in most gardens. It is often troublesome to remove them. Much more convenient are modern weeders, such as this model by Fiscars. Thanks to the telescopic pole, you do not even have to bend over. Just set the optimal working height and off you go!

"Fiskars Teleskop Untrautstecher (about 38, - Euro)

2nd place: Bosch Isio Set grass and shrub shear

Bosch Isio Set grass and shrub shear

R├Ąsenm├Ąhen itself is not much fun, but that one must then cut the lawn edges by hand, which is probably the worst part. With the Bosch Isio Set grass and shrub shears you have done this job in no time. But shrubs and hedges can get in shape with this garden tool in no time.

┬╗Bosch Isio Set grass and shrub shears (about 65, - Euro)

3rd place: Bosch electric hedge trimmer

Bosch electric hedge trimmer

If, after cutting a hedge, you no longer want to deal with pain in your hand, then the Bosch Electric Hedge Trimmer is just the thing for you. Thanks to the ergonomically well-arranged switches in the handles, this garden tool not only enables you to work comfortably and easily in any position, but you can also cut it in no time at all.

┬╗Bosch electric hedge trimmer (about 50, - Euro)

4th place: Bosch cordless grass trimmer

Bosch Cordless Grass Trimmer

Cutting lawn edges can be a tedious and tedious task with a normal secateurs. This work can be done much more comfortably with a grass trimmer, like with this model from Bosch. You will see, thanks to the telescopic handle and the 9-degree rotatable cutting head for vertical cutting, cutting lawn edges will be even fun in the future.

┬╗Bosch Cordless Grass Trimmer (about 124, - Euro)

5th place: Gardena square sprinkler Aquazoom

Gardena Square Sprinkler Aquazoom

Most lawn sprinklers often do not work the way you want them to. After all, a lawn sprinkler should irrigate the whole garden and not just some parts. Who e.g. a small, rectangular garden, for which the Gardena square sprinkler Aquazoom is just the thing. This square sprinkler can sprinkle 25 square meters to a maximum of 250 square meters.

┬╗Gardena Square Sprinkler Aquazoom (about 35, - Euro)

6th place: Bosch Rotak electric lawnmower

Bosch Rotak electric lawnmower

To cut after cutting the edges and the unreachable for the lawn mower after mowing, it is advantageous if you have a lawn trimmer or electric lawn scissors at home. But you do not need anything like that, because this lawn mower already has a grass comb. The laborious re-cutting of lawn edges is so easy with this lawn mower.

┬╗Bosch Rotak electric lawnmower (about 77, - Euro)

7th place: Gloria electric battery pressure sprayer

Gloria electric cordless pressure sprayer

Pressure sprayers, where you have to pump for a while before spraying, are already part of the story. Pressure sprayer with a cordless electric pump, e.g. Gloria, they have long since replaced. This eliminates the need for self-pumping, since the device repeatedly balances the pressure during use until the container is empty.

┬╗Gloria Electric Battery Pressure Sprayer (about 35, - Euro)

8th place: WOLF-Garten universal spreader

WOLF-Garten universal spreader

If you want to save time and effort when spreading seeds, you should definitely order a battery-powered spreader, such as a spreader. this one from WOLF-Garten, grow. The result when spreading is even and gardening is done in no time. And the great thing: The WOLF-Garten universal spreader is also ideal for distributing road salt.

┬╗WOLF-Garten universal spreader (about 26, - Euro)

9th place: Fiskars wheeled secateurs

Fiskars roll handle pruner

A secateurs are among the utensils that every gardener must own.But for a long time the pruning shears offered on the market are no longer just ordinary scissors. Many also come with great features. Among other things, the Fiskars wheeled secateurs. This secateurs has an ergonomically shaped roller handle, which optimally support the natural movement of the hand. And thanks to the integrated gear mechanism, which allows the use of all fingers, the cutting performance is also increased tremendously.

┬╗Fiskars wheeled secateurs (about 21, - Euro)

10th place: Sanifri garden hand shower

Sanifri garden hand shower

Since not all plants tolerate a hard jet of water, you should always opt for a hand shower, which comes along with multiple positions, such as. the Sanifri garden hand shower. It offers 6 different positions: normal, effervescent, pressure, fog, fan and spray. The Sanifri garden hand shower offers the right spray for all purposes. And the great thing is that while you are watering you do not have to press the lever / handle all the time, because this can also be detected.

┬╗Sanifri garden hand shower (about 14, - Euro)


Garden tools are very important in every garden, because with them even the most difficult jobs can be done very easily and in the twinkling of an eye. But it is no longer just the classics such as pruning shears, spades, rake and Co., which are found in most at home. After all, there are many more little helpers that make gardening so much easier. And as you will see in this Top 10, it also includes equipment such as spreaders, hand showers or pressure sprayers.

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