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A good garden center should not only show a wide range of good quality goods, but also qualified advice from the specialist staff helps the customer on the way to garden success. All these aspects have been incorporated into our large list of the 500 best garden centers and garden departments of hardware stores. We have compiled these for you based on an extensive customer survey.

This is how our garden center list was created

For the preparation of our list, we have collected as the basis of the addresses of nearly 2,300 garden centers and hardware stores with garden department in Germany. Flower shops were not one of them. The survey and data collection took place via three channels:
1. Send an online newsletter to readers of MEIN and readers of other magazines with appropriate target groups.
2. Publication of the survey on and Facebook.
3. Survey via an online access panel.
Participants were able to evaluate garden centers in their own region over a four-week period in November and December 2017 by completing an online questionnaire. The questions related in the case of a DIY store only to the garden department and not to the entire market. We asked for customer service quality, assortment and products, competence of the employees, attractiveness of the garden center and the overall impression. Over 8,800 people took part in the survey.
The overall result (list column "scoring") results from the average ratings of the individual categories, with the category "overall impression" being scored twice. The scores are between 1 and 4, with 4 being the best possible score.
You miss your favorite personal garden center in the list? This can be for two reasons: Either the center did not get enough ratings from the data collection or the ratings were not good enough to be included in the list of the top 500 garden centers.

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