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There is often talk of topsoil when new discounts are created or raised beds are planned. Even when compensating for bumps or when the soil in the garden is not suitable for the targeted insertion of plants, it is often resorted to. But what is this actually about?
Topsoil or topsoil, as it is also called, can be used on the property or in the garden for numerous purposes. The filling of holes and upgrading the soil quality in its own green is quite easy with this. In addition, this substrate is also suitable for newly planted beds and nutrient-poor areas. When is the introduction of mother soil really necessary and where are the limits of this particular earth? Interested amateur gardeners will find out below.
The term topsoil is used for the top, natural soil layer. Most organisms and insects, such as earthworms, live in this layer. These transform conspicuous plant parts and other substances into nutrients. These very processes ensure that the topsoil is so nutrient-rich and fertile.
He has a great value for the plants, nothing grows without topsoil.
But it also fulfills other functions that are of great importance to the environment. Underneath, this layer of soil acts as a filter, removing any pollutants from rain and snow before it enters the groundwater.
Topsoil is under special protection and must not be disposed of. Instead, if it is removed, for example, for construction projects from one area, it must be stored and reused properly. Accordingly, the total occurrence is limited, which should also be used sparingly in your own garden.
Is a change needed?
Before topsoil is ordered and applied, it should be certain that an exchange of the earth is necessary at all. If an area is heavily overgrown with weeds and other unwanted plants, it has been fallow for a long time and seems to be unusable, and many resort to the new topsoil prematurely.
The removal of the old earth is in such a case, however, not necessary. Instead, the unpleasant plants should be removed as far as possible with the associated root system and the soil should be dug up. The introduction of well-rotted compost and possible limescale improve the quality of the soil in no time. A change of the earth is therefore not necessary here.
Tip: If possible, carry out this measure in the fall and let the soil rest over the winter.
Topsoil is suitable for filling unevenness when the topmost fertile soil layer is completely absent or even after the measure described above has a very poor quality.
Also for the creation of raised beds or the artificial creation of hills worth the use of topsoil.
Tip: Anyone who is unsure whether the investment in topsoil makes sense, can ask for advice from local gardeners. These can often judge better because of their experience.
Topsoil is offered in different varieties. Basically, a distinction is made in sieved and unsized topsoil. The sieved variety is fine-grained and free of plant parts, such as root. Due to the sieving there are only limited stones in it.
Because foreign bodies are largely absent in it, sifted topsoil is particularly suitable for fine and modeling work. So always, if a very flat surface is desired.
In addition, it can be bought mixed with compost, various fertilizers or plant soil, if required by the required use.
In contrast, the unswept topsoil partially contains parts of plants and stones, and its grain size is coarser than that of the sieved variant. Again, a mixture with other means - depending on the provider - be possible. Nevertheless, the unswept topsoil is cheaper priced. But he is also more suitable for rough work.
Where to Buy
Fertile topsoil can be obtained in several ways. including:

  • Building Materials
  • hardware store
  • garden Center
  • nurseries
  • Regional file sharing
The purchase is also possible online as well as larger nurseries or classifieds. If you buy topsoil for the first time, you should opt for a source of supply with possible advice.
The prices for topsoil depend on several factors. These include:
  • quality
  • Processing, ie sieved or unsliced ​​soil
  • Included additives, such as compost, fertilizer or other types of soil
  • Quantity, the decrease of larger quantities often allows discounts
  • source
As an orientation, topsoils can be priced between EUR 20 and EUR 30 per cubic meter. The finer the earth and the more it has been refined, the higher the cost.In addition - if necessary - the costs for the delivery of the topsoil.
Comparing can quickly pay off here.
As already mentioned, inexperienced hobby gardeners should be advised as much as possible in the selection and calculation of the necessary amount. Experienced garden neighbors can be a first stop, as well as gardeners or professionals.
The calculation of the necessary amount of topsoil, however, is quite simple. For this purpose, the length and width of the area are first multiplied together. For a simple edition to upgrade the soil quality should be scheduled 20 to 30 centimeters in height. These are also multiplied by length and width. In the run-up, all measurements are converted to the unit meters, in this way the result directly gives the required cubic meters.
frequently asked Questions
When can topsoil be spread?
Topsoil can be applied throughout the year. Only frosty days make little sense due to the nature of the ground.
Do I have to fertilize topsoil additionally?
This depends solely on the intended use and the desired planting. Highly-depleted plants will quickly need additional nutrients even on fresh topsoils, but not on other plants. If you want a particularly nutritious soil, you can also refine it as mentioned. This is always the case, if no own compost is available, but should be fertilized as naturally as possible.
Tips for quick readers
  • Topsoil is the top layer of soil
  • It is home to most insects and organisms
  • Very fertile soil layer
  • Acts as a filter between precipitation and groundwater
  • Can be used to create hills and raised beds, to fill in gaps and to compensate for unevenness
  • Enhances the soil significantly with poor soil quality
  • A change is not always necessary if existing soil can be cleaned and enriched
  • Available in screened and unsized variants
  • Screened versions are largely free of plant parts, roots and stones
  • Un-sieved topsoil is coarse-grained and partially contains stones, roots and other humus
  • Prices per cubic meter are between about 20 EUR and 30 EUR
  • Available in the building materials trade, hardware store, in garden centers or file sharing

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