Tree bark burst - what now?

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Have you noticed on one of your trees that the tree bark has burst? Then you should act quickly, otherwise it could damage the tree.

If the bark is broken, then the tree has no chance

Both young and old, robust trees can be affected by the problem. But especially with fruit trees, it sometimes happens that the tree bark bursts over the winter. At least that happens to those who have not provided enough for the cold season. So if the bark is peeled off, it can have different causes, but in most cases it's frost damage that causes it. The wetness moves into the trunk over the winter and freezes. This can burst the bark and cause lasting damage to the tree. It can spread fungal diseases or settle pests.

How can you protect the trees?

To prevent the barking or bursting of the tree bark from the outset, you should lime your trees in the autumn months. By this one understands a Kalkanstrich. This has several advantages. He:

  • Prevents pests from settling
  • prevents the vermoosen the tree trunks
  • protects the tree trunk from excessive sunlight

The latter is especially important. If sunlight hits the tree, it is reflected in the white lime color. And that's good, because when the sun sets on the tree trunk at night and during the day, the sun creates a strong internal tension due to the temperature fluctuations. The lime coating now ensures that the stresses are significantly minimized and accordingly no frost cracks occur in the tree bark.

➜ How to lime trees correctly:

You can buy lime paint in every garden shop or online (for example on Amazon). Apply this in the fall evenly with a tassel brush on the tree trunks. If it is possible, it is best to paint the entire tree trunk right up to the treetop.

The paint is washed off over the years by the rain again. So you have to renew the lime paint each year in the fall.

What can be done if the bark has already burst?

Auftr apply lime paint:

If the mishap has already happened and the bark burst, then you should again put on a lime paint. Because under the bark, the tree can recover. It also serves as a kind of protective layer at the same time.

Ver Close the wound:

But you can also start another attempt and try to push the bark back to the tree, so that closes the "wound". You can then nail them down or fix them with a cord on the tree trunk. With luck, the tree will be able to repair the wound. Then you have to remove the nails or the cord again.

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