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The natural burial is a funeral form, for which more and more people decide. It brings the deceased back into the cycle of nature; the grave is a natural memorial site that can be visited but does not require care. The most chosen natural burial is the tree burial.
What is a tree burial?
During the tree burial, the deceased is buried in the root area of ​​a tree. Thus, the material shell is introduced back into the natural cycle, the tree as a tomb symbolizes permanence and reminded of the immortality of non-material being. In this novel concept, a special urn with the ashes of the deceased in a suitable forest is buried, the useful life is usually set as in a cemetery burial to 99 years.
Tree burial as a contemporary burial form
The tree burial is a contemporary form of burial, since the traditional burial in the cemetery near the home does not necessarily meet the needs of today's people: the life of modern man is no longer focused on one place, he has friends all over the world, often lives he is working in several places, sometimes scattered all over the world.
This recent mobility has already made itself problematic in relation to the traditional forms of burial: it is observed an increasing number of Umbettungen, the desire to have the dead in the vicinity of the place of residence. Despite this wish, many people are afraid of a reburial that they consider incompatible with the death of the dead. On the other hand, a changed mourning behavior is developing: Many people do not need a fixed place to commemorate their deceased, but cultivate the memory locally and at any time.
Legal conditions of the tree burial
In our case, natural burials can only be carried out within the possibilities permitted by the burial laws. Mandatory for a tree burial is the cremation, ie the cremation of the deceased. If the ashes are to be buried in nature, for example in the root area of ​​a tree, a special urn is used which is particularly readily biodegradable.
Anyone who wishes to be buried under a tree should fix this wish while still alive in a funeral ruling. Such a funeral ruling can be written by hand, but should be certified by a notary so that any doubt about its validity is ruled out.
The tree burial takes place in selected forests or in special cemeteries, the land must be approved by the state. In Germany, several dozen forests are available for tree burial, sometimes characterized by brand names such as RuheForst or FriedWald. Even in special cemeteries, the so-called forest cemeteries, tree burials are possible.
The legal regulation of funeral law is incumbent on the federal states in Germany, so there are various funeral laws. The rules may even differ significantly from commune to commune or cemetery statute to cemetery statute. In almost all federal states, however, tree burials are now permitted, in some federal states even funeral routine.
When the right place is found, the desired tree can already be selected during life. There are also trees that are used as family graves, up to 12 people can be buried at a tree (there are differences from provider to provider).
Costs for the tree burial
The costs for the tree burial depend on the provider and the selected tree. The burial under a community tree, at the roots of several deceased rest, is offered from around 500, - €. The burial under a single tree or a family tree may cost more, as well as a burial place on a very old tree, which stands in a very special place. However, this varies from provider to provider, the funeral costs should therefore be inquired for the individual case. The comparison can even be made today via a website, on various offers can be compared in the catchment area of ​​a specific postal code.
Other forms of natural burial
The tree burial is not the only kind of nature burial, every nature-loving man is arrested in his natural environment in a very special way. Therefore, there are today rock burials and meadow burials, air burials and green burials, maritime burials and space burials and many other new burials for people with other life priorities.

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