Cultivating tree ferns - That's how it's done

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Tree ferns need a lot of water

Outside, in the winter garden or even in the home tree ferns are a nice alternative to other plants. How to care for the tree ferns that you have in the apartment, read here.

Plants need a lot of water
The filigree leaves of the ferns grow directly from the trunk. The plant can become very tall and loves when it can be shady. Like ferns in the open, which also prefer the shade. Since the original home of the ferns is New Zealand and Australia, the plants always need enough water. This they suck into their trunk and behave similar to mosses, which also absorb and store water. That means you always have to keep them moist. If the location is sunny, the ferns need more water than usual.

Do not forget to pour permanently
If you accidentally pour too little, then the leaves can die off very quickly. But that is not a broken leg, because from the trunk quickly form new fronds. However, you should not forget the casting permanently. If you go on vacation, you should ask your neighbors or friends if they could possibly water the plants in your home and garden. Tree ferns should best winter at temperatures below 10 degrees.

Video Board: Grow Tree Ferns.

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