Is tree fern hardy and winter hardy - how overwinter?

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Is tree fern hardy and winter hardy - how overwinter?: winter

Accordingly, there are also tree ferns that are hardy, and those that are absolutely unsuitable for cold temperatures. So it always depends on the selection of the right tree fern and the appropriate handling of it during the winter.

Tree fern with winterhard character

Actually, the tree fern is a plant that is mainly native to tropical areas as well as in the subtropics. Similarly, it behaves just as with its temperature properties: tree fern in its current form requires warm temperatures and regular moisture to thrive and survive. From this it can be deduced that the common tree fern is not hardy.
However, there are some subspecies, which in turn are able to survive in the temperate zones, which also includes Germany. In this context, the tree ferns from Australia and Tasmania in particular should be mentioned. They are hardy to a temperature of minus ten degrees Celsius. But this is also the maximum of the winter hardiness of tree fern achieved.
All other species of tree fern can not be considered hardy and survive, if at all, only short periods of frost with temperatures approaching zero degrees. In order to prepare for this, however, the tree fern should be winterized in any case, including extensive protection and a precise location.

Winterize tree fern

Since tree fern is a plant preferred to be kept in a bucket, wintering turns out to be not particularly difficult in terms of site selection. While the tree fern as a potted plant in the summer in the open in a shady place can be placed, he belongs in the winter necessarily in the house.
This is not the case because the tree fern may need heat, but only a few tree fern species are hardy and therefore most plants of this genus can not withstand cold and frost. But also heat is not the best way to overwinter a tree fern. Rather, this plant needs a cool, but not too cold cookies. Ideal is an unheated winter garden, where the tree fern should not be right on the window, because he not only tolerate the winter cold in winter, as well as the cold weather.
However, if you want to plant a tree fern in the garden and can not bring it into the house for the winter, you should be very precise when choosing the right plant species. Particularly hardy are the so-called Tasmanian tree fern, the New Zealand tree fern, the crown fern and the silver tree fern. For the garden you should definitely opt for one of these tree fern species.

Preparations for the winter season

To prepare for the winter, all dried leaves of the tree fern are closed and the entire plant cut back. Then a good packaging is needed, which includes both the trunk, as well as the ferns. The stem of the tree fern is not a trunk in the sense of an ordinary tree but belongs to the root system of the plant and is accordingly equipped with supply lines. Therefore, the strain is to be specially protected. It is completely covered with reed mats for wintering.
Also, the fern fronds are prone to the cold and should they freeze, so the entire tree fern is in danger. Therefore, it is also advisable to pack the ferns thick and warm. For a special plant fleece is best suited. Unfortunately, all these measures do not guarantee the survival of the tree fern outside in winter. If you want to be on the safe side and also do not shy away from certain investments, you can protect your tree fern with a so-called tree heating, which is available in the garden shop.
All these measures, however, are only suitable for the winter resistance of older tree ferns. Young plants never go outdoors, no matter how good the preparation.

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