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Even if there is little space in the front yard, that's no problem. Even trees and bushes thrive in buckets without any problems. All you need is a big enough jar and the right tree. Trees bring structure into the front garden and also provide a variety of potted plants throughout the year.
The leaves of the dwarf maple species also have beautiful colors ranging from delicate pinks to chimney red and orange. After the fall of leaves in winter, the bright red bark of the white dogwood (Cornus alba) comes into its own.
In trees, you can choose between five different shapes: umbrella-shaped, for example maple, high-stemmed with spherical crown, conical and pyramidal, columnar, for example, cypress, and hanging, for example, weeping willow.
In a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors conifers are available that thrive very well in spheres. An unusual silhouette, combined with delicate blue leaves, offers the hanging form of Blue Cedar (Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca Pendula').
For some trees, an attractive silhouette can also be achieved through a shape cut. For example, one can cut the slow-growing Japanese holly (Ilex crenata) with its bush-like leaves spherical or conical.
Fruit from the tub, fruit trees also produce fruit as container plants. Shadow morels (Prunus cerasus) can be harvested even on a north side. Fan the plant fan-shaped up against a wall so that it benefits from the radiant heat.
Fruit trees such as the pear 'Conférence', the peach 'Red Haven' and the nectarine 'Nectar Rose' delight in a warm sheltered location in the spring through their flowers and in the fall through a rich harvest. In limited space, the columnar apple varieties 'Ballerina' and 'Minaret', which are barely in width.
The Mediterranean flair is provided by fig and olive trees, which grow outdoors in summer in sunny locations, but have to be put in a frost-free position in winter, for example in the conservatory.
Small trees, big effect. In case of space problems mini trees in the form of bonsai are a nice alternative. Forest trees such as blue spruce, larch and birch are very decorative even in small format. Best suited as bonsai are robust trees with small leaves, flowers and berries. For example, hornbeam, hawthorn, juniper and spruce are a good choice.

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