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Although you can buy almost all plants today, more and more plant lovers grow their own plants. It's a lot of fun and often not hard at all.
So you can draw trees from a lychee, an avocado, from pomegranate seeds, from seeds of the starfruit, but also from a nut, an apple core, a peach kernel, etc. Often patience is required, but the waiting is worthwhile. So you can pull some tropical plants for the conservatory or the living room or even one or the other fruit tree for the garden or the planter.
The cultivation can be done differently. We present some examples:
Grow avocado tree from core
Avocado trees are not hardy, but can reach considerable size in the planter. Fruits usually do not produce them until after about ten years. The plants are not self-fertile, which is why no fruits are expected in a single plant. The plant needs a lot of light all year round - it is evergreen.

  • The core must be freed from the pulp.
  • Then place for 48 hours in a glass of water (keep warm).
  • Remove the brown skin!

  • Insert three toothpicks into the core so that the core can lie on a glass.
  • Put water in the glass at the bottom. The core should not dive into the water.
  • Put the glass dark, at 21 ˚C. After about 10 days, roots show up.

  • Once sprout is visible, darken glass and set bright.
  • Once the jar is filled with roots, the avocado kernel can be planted.
Do not cover the upper quarter of the core with earth! The plant substrate must be permeable. Older plants also thrive in loamy soil, but a sandy substrate is better. Water needs the plant mediocre. Stagnant water would be fatal. In summer, the glass is put outdoors. The seedlings should not be exposed to the midday sun!
Pull lychee out of the core
Lychees are delicious and the seeds germinate quickly. But beware: lychees are not hardy!
  • Remove seeds from the pulp and "pick" briefly in hot water.
  • Just put in a pot of soil. Cover 2 cm with soil!
  • At 22 to 25 ˚C, even moisture and lots of light (no sun) they germinate quite fast.
Important is a high humidity, which is why it makes sense to pull a bag over the pot and tie. Kalkhaltiges water is very badly tolerated! The ideal planting substrate must be permeable and should be slightly acidic. Furthermore, you should note that you get used to the young plants slowly to the sun. Hibernation is light and at room temperature.
Pull pomegranate tree from core
Pomegranates are delicious. The associated plants look interesting. They are easy to pull out of a nucleus. However, pomegranate trees sprout and grow slowly. Only seeds of fully ripe fruits may be used! It can be recognized by the partly cracked skin of the apple.
  • The kernels must be freed from the pulp! The easiest way is to soften the core slightly in water. Remnants can be removed with kitchen paper.
  • The seeds are placed in pots with soil, 6 to 7 seeds per pot. Cover all with soil, about 1 cm high.

  • At 21 ˚C and even humidity, the seeds should germinate after about 3 months.
  • One leaves only the strongest seedling per pot and maintains it.
  • In order for the plant to become pretty bushy, the shoot tips must be cut off!

  • The plant substrate should be permeable. The water requirement is mediocre, easy dryness is usually tolerated.
  • Choose location sunny. Young plants slowly get used to the sun!
There are many plants that can be pulled out of a nucleus. Guides can be found in magazines, plant books and of course at

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