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How is a tree fungus affected?
Tree fungi or lignikole mushrooms are a very large ecological group of mushrooms, which unfortunately are very difficult to tackle. A tree fungus shows up as a conspicuous sponge, usually it attacks old or weakened trees. These are wood-destroying mushrooms, which form their fruiting bodies on the tree, these fruiting bodies look quite similar to the mushrooms on the ground, are however usually harder.
Which tree fungus is it?
There are many types of tree fungi, all are different to fight and different dangerous. You can view photos of various fruiting bodies under the web address //, maybe you will recognize "your" tree fungus.
But unfortunately that does not help you very much. If it is not fungi that colonize only deadwood, therefore, the tree portal also in almost every tree the same recommendation for action "tree survey." In many communities you can contact for this purpose to the plant protection offices, usually free of charge, During the consultation you will usually be told what to do. The tree doctor also has some advice for you, but usually for a fee.
For each individual case, it must be decided whether there are remedies, whether they can be used on the ground or whether other useful measures can be taken. This can be done as follows:
Combat at first attack
Most of the tree fungus is not noticed until it has already formed fruiting bodies. Then it is too late for the prevention with freely available mushrooms, the actual mushroom sits long ago in the tree. Should he exceptionally confine himself to a branch, the branch could be removed, but that does not bring anything to every mushroom.
If it is decided on a case by case basis that the infested tree should be completely felled, you can not simply knock it out. The local tree protection ordinance also applies to this tree: If it is protected, you must submit an expert report that proves the fungal infection before precipitation. On the basis of this report, a tree felling permit is issued (which costs around 100, - Euro fees), then you may fall.
As a rule, however, it does not take much to remove infected trees, as the fungal spores are already omnipresent. Perhaps you are recommended some measures that delay the death, the tree is usually no longer save.
If your tree stands so that it can not endanger anyone, you can let it die with dignity. Depending on the fungus, trees with fungal attack on the wood can live for many years and even bear fruit. The mushrooms realize a natural recycling process of old trees that has been working for a very long time. You can leave the old tree surrounded by climbing roses, clematis or ivy, it is still an important refuge for many birds and insects. If he eventually has to surrender to the fungus, you can put something on the stump, flower bowls or bird baths, for example, some garden artists carve out of the remaining stump an ornate statue. The old wood can be burned in the fireplace or it is piled up at a suitable place in the garden. Such a deadwood pile is a wonderful shelter for many animals: lizards, slow-moving crawlers, hedgehogs, newts, mouse weasels, insects - maybe you will make great discoveries in your garden in the future...
If the falling tree can be dangerous, it must be felled in time, see above.
Prevent spread
The worst thing about a fungal attack is that the fungus will not limit itself to its first victim whenever it finds other victims.
There are mushrooms that spread through the air. These mushrooms will only spread if you find an attack surface on other trees. This may be a branch wound or other damage to the trunk, so such wounds should be treated immediately if infested with appropriate fungi. There are special wound closure products in the trade, which contain fungicides, but must also be applied in a special way. For example, the wound must be prepared, the wound surface must not be completely treated under any circumstances, heartwood must not be treated at all, etc. Again, in doubt, a specialist should take over the application.
It gets even worse if it is a root-borne fungus. Such a fungus will now attack one tree at a time, even seemingly healthy trees, providing an attack surface due to a slightly sub-optimal location. Here usually a real "control battle plan" must be designed, which can only a professional.
You are best immune to fungal attack if you carefully select the right location for the right trees from the beginning, young healthy trees are rarely attacked by fungi. Incidentally, a whole range of tree fungi can be eaten, others are used for various healing purposes.

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