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Build a tree house - you should pay attention!: build

Do you build the treehouse alone or will it be a project where your friends or your children help, or both of them? It is important if you build the tree house with your children and integrate them into this project. This not only promotes family cohesion but also promotes planning and communication within your children's team.
Be sure to divide such a large project into separate sections. Discuss with your children the pros and cons and the difficulties they will see and have in each section. In small and manageable stages of construction, the project will also be for your children, or even for you, unless you are a seasoned handyman. Already during this process, the team grows and rubs in the joint planning, learning and development of ideas to and around the tree house.
Other requirements for building a tree house is of course a healthy and mature tree in your garden. Best of all is an older tree population, which has successfully defied wind and weather for several years and is now strong and with powerful branches just waiting to be able to carry a tree house. If you do not have a tree that has spreading branches, you may have trimmed them the same way over the last few years that it was useful to the tree and its usefulness (in the fall-cut of a pear tree, one should know how to throw a cap through) but now the construction of the tree house is more of a hindrance.
Then you plan the treehouse so that it floats in the middle of a group of trees, the tree trunks are used as the posts. If this is not possible, then you can fix a part of the tree house in the tree and then resort to piles. A combination of a pile dwelling and a tree house. Think of a hunter stand, two of the legs are the posts, two of the legs are the branches. Although this is not a one hundred percent tree house, it offers all the comfort and all the adventures of a tree house.

Materials for construction of the tree house

The question of building materials for a tree house is also one of the most important questions. Do not save in the wrong place and use only wood pressure-impregnated wood, additionally paint with a glaze that protects against the effects of the weather, rot and then preferably one to three more layers of paint as protection immediately afterwards. The materials can be obtained in any well-stocked hardware store and also in the wood specialist shops, timber trade. But also look around the Internet, even the online auction houses offer good material. But do not forget with such a purchase always on the freight costs or the transport costs to pay, otherwise their favorable bargain fast became a purchase in the pharmacy.
The safety of building a tree house is one of the most important points to consider from the beginning. As already mentioned, a healthy and adult tree is the basic requirement. During construction, under no circumstances should the tree be injured by nails or screws, careless movements with tools or the saw. This promotes the instability of the tree house, because it allows germs to penetrate into the tree bark and thus into the tree. For example, Baumhaus should be attached to the tree with sisal knits or similar material. However, always make sure that the ropes, or whatever you are using, do not cut into the bark and the tree has enough growth potential. Never, because the tree is sick! In addition, a tree house should always be committed in the fall and in the spring and examined for safety aspects, loose boards, protruding nails, rotten spots and so on. Even a coat of paint is necessary on a regular basis.
But you should also pay attention to the carrying capacity of the tree house. Raging children are heavier than sedentary. Also, more and more things are taken along in the small secluded realm. Also pay attention to a stable base plate. Normal Euro pallets are excellent for this purpose. The floor can then be nailed to this pallet, making it easy to lay the foundation for the tree house. A small trick is to stick to the pallet once you put it in about one meter on four piles that together make up the diameter of the branches, the trunk, the auxiliary piles, and so on. Then you just put filled rain barrels on it and you have the guarantee, until so many kilograms I can load the bottom plate.

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Be sure to provide the porch, the balcony with a small parapet. Since most injuries happen when climbing up and down, pick up the place at the rope ladder, the ladder, the climbing bar of the slide bar and fill it with bark mulch. So you do not prevent a fall, but the little ones fall a little softer.If you think of a ladder with which the tree house is to be climbed, also think of the recommended angles of the professional associations.
by Gabriele Sinzig-Freese

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