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Not only children are slowly losing the most basic knowledge about the nature that surrounds us. If you have ever been angry that you could not designate a particular tree right away, perhaps it will be time for a new kind of pastime: determine the tree leaves and recognize the species. Of course, this exercise can also be done together with your children so that they relate to the surrounding nature.
Determine tree leaves

  • The website provides a comprehensive list of all photos, from the entire tree to the single leaf, from the bark to the fruit, to each of the more than 500 treated trees. There is also an extra section "tree determination", which allows a determination of native and exotic woody plants on the basis of several criteria of determination. You can arrange a tree according to the leaf characteristics, the flowers, the fruits, the bark or the buds. Click by click you will be led to the realization.

  • The University of Frankfurt offers under a child-friendly determination aid for the most important native deciduous trees. Each step of the operation is explained in detail, while your child is also practicing the operation of a website interface. Step by step, the child learns a little more about tree and leaves, in the end there is an exciting description, if the result is not clear or if there are problems with the computer, there is an easy-to-understand help page.

  • Well explained, but more suitable for adults, is the determination with the help of Various categories allow the determination of different tree species, clarify the Latin names and compare the various leaves of a tree species. There are many photos, including malformations such as leaf gall, an overview of leaf diseases and a Christmas tree buying advice. You will also get information about tree care and tree rights, tree statutes and tree diseases.

  • To capture all the trees in the world, the private website Luidp-Trees has set itself the goal. The page can be reached at, a click on the top right sets German language. Definitely an ambitious project that may take a while to realize, but there are already over 500 plants and more than 1100 photos for which a plant determination can be made. If you develop into a tree enthusiast in the near future, assistance is needed in developing this site.
Tree determination on the way
On the page also a tree determination app for iPhone or iPad is offered. The apps serve as a guide to the deciduous trees (forest trees, park trees and street trees). A tree determination app for Android phones is currently in the making. There is a free version for the easy tree determination after leaves, it contains a detailed description of the trees and per tree profile up to six pictures. The paid full version also allows the determination of tree fruits and winter features, contains a list of the most common deciduous trees with detailed description and photos and an illustrated list of common tree fungi. All images can be scaled and a search function is integrated.
Looking at individual trees
  • For people with a lot of interest and an idea of ​​the name of the tree, about which they would like to be informed, there is still the individual consideration: Knowledge portals on the Internet have a page for each tree and wait only for curious onlookers. These portals include, for example, Wikipedia,, a free encyclopedia, in whose structure people from all over the world participate free of charge. The subpages of each tree can be found on any search engine, if you simply type "tree name wiki" in the search field. On the page for each tree, there are usually several photos and usually a fairly comprehensive description.

  • Let's say you've just chosen a spout and you want to know more. When looking for the Speierling appears after the ads immediately the Wikipediaseite, which already knows a lot of interesting things to tell. For example, in the Middle Ages, the vaulting was one of the important commercial trees, and a small addition of shredded fruits makes each cider a bit tart and delicious.

  • If you are interested in the Speierling, but other pages appear: Right in second place the Speierlingsseite of Here you can experience really amazing: That the Speierling supplies the heaviest domestic wood, that it is around 400 years old and that the fruits bring over 70 euros per hundredweight (the tree carries around 20 quintals) and much, much more interesting.Maybe there will soon be a tree in your garden?

Video Board: Leaf identification of common trees.

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