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Hazel tree

Rotdorn-Baum: All about care, cutting and diseases

The hawthorn tree enchants above all by its wealth of flowers. Filled or simple - the crimson blossom splendor attracts everyone's attention. In addition, the plant is ideal for beginners. Everything about care, cutting and diseases can be found here.

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Harlequin willow - care, cutting and diseases

The Harlequin Willow is undoubtedly a beauty in the garden. She is unpretentious, easy to care for and she feels comfortable almost everywhere. Even the cold season can not harm her, because she is one of the hardy plants.

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Cypress trees - care and cutting

Under evergreen trees or shrubs, the cypress is very well known. Cypresses (cupressi) belong to the cypress family and as such can be found mainly in the typical regions of the Mediterranean or in Tuscany. But they are also becoming more and more to discover in our latitudes, from very small to large and slim, they tower into the sky.

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Ginkgo tree - care, plants, cutting - ginko tree

The ginkgo tree is a very healthy plant that is almost never affected by disease. Therefore, it is said to have a mystical effect. The ginkgo withstands ice and snow and heavy frost. He has no problems with the greenhouse effect.

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Evergreen ground cover - fast growing and flowering varieties

In large-scale and natural gardens, evergreen ground coverers play an important role. In summer, their flowering carpets are a beautiful adornment and at the same time protect the soil from drying out. In winter, they do not seem too bleak because of their reliable green. The trade offers them in a large selection.

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Evergreen globe trees for the front yard - species

Even in a front garden, a tree must not be missing, because the front garden is, so to speak, the business card of the homeowner. Very popular here are the evergreen ball trees, which are ideal for a small garden size.

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Dwarf pine - care, cutting

The dwarf pine, known under the botanical name Pinus pumila, is assigned to the genus of pines. It is also referred to as Japanese dwarf pine, which has its natural distribution in the areas of northeastern Siberia and extends over Kamchatka to Japan.

Tree lexicon - tree and wood care: care

Pine tree, Pinus pinea - care of the pine

The pine belongs to the family of the pines. They are mainly found in the Mediterranean region - hence the name Mediterranean Pine or Italian Pine. Pines become up to 250 years old. They form cones in which fruits ripen: These pine nuts are edible and also very healthy.

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Open pine cones - so you get to the delicious pine nuts

Pine nuts are a treat that is especially welcome in winter. The tasty kernels can be bought from their cones in small plastic bags - or you can buy the whole cone and be happy when he releases the ripe kernels.

What are mangroves - tree & ecosystem

Mangroves are the purest survivors. They occur mainly in warm areas of the earth and have been around for millions of years. South America and the Caribbean, for example, are a typical distribution area of ​​mangroves.

What does a tree protection ordinance regulate?

In a tree protection ordinance or tree protection statute, a city or municipality can determine under which conditions private owners may cut down trees on their property. This should protect old trees, which are important for the climate and the cityscape. However, there is no obligation to enact a tree protection ordinance, which is why many cities and municipalities have renounced it and trusted the citizens' environmental awareness.

Bird cherry - plants and care

The usual bird cherry (Prunus padus) comes from the family of the rose family (Rosaceae) and is also called depending on the region with Ahlkirsche or Sumpfkirsche. The late blooming bird cherry also belongs to the family of the Prunus family, it bears the name Prunus serotina.

Tamarind tree - cultivation, effect as a spice

Tamarind trees are also referred to as Indian dates or Sauerdatteln. They are known for their edible fruits. These can be eaten raw. Mostly, they are used as seasoning.

Bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) - care, cutting

The bald cypress has conquered the German gardens more and more in recent years. Especially on garden ponds you will find this extraordinary plant more and more often.

Purple willow - plants, care as a shrub

The purple willow (Salix purpurea) or willow belongs to the genus of willows (Salix), her name goes to the red shoots and the red kittens she trains.The plant is found throughout Europe, only in the north of Scotland and Scandinavia, it is not to be found.

Plane, plane tree - plants, care and cutting

Plane trees are plants that are predominantly found in the northern hemisphere and, depending on their species, either discard the leaves or are semi-evergreen. They belong to the plant family of the sycamore family and reach heights between 25 and 50 meters. They are best identified by their peeling bark. They are known in virtually all northern countries.

Walnut - planting, care, cutting

Even among the ancient Romans and Greeks, the walnut was "high in the course". Due to its importance as a symbol of fertility at that time, the walnut tree was consecrated to the gods Jupiter and Zeus.

Nectarine cut - cut of nectarine tree

Each fruit tree must be pruned, but for the cut of each fruit tree have their own laws. These are the peculiarities that you have to consider when cutting the nectarine tree.

Conifers for the garden

The botanical word "Coniferae" means "pin carrier". Conifers, however, became the collective term for all conifers, even if they do not carry cones. As far as trees are concerned, the crown difference with deciduous trees with their domed and spherical crowns is unmistakable.

Cornelian cherry - planting, cutting and care as a hedge

The Cornelian Cherry (Cornus mas) is a shrub from the dogwood family (Cornus) and is also offered in the German regions under this name. He is also known under Herlitze or Dirlitze. The cornelian blooms in early spring.

Koreatanne - plants and care, tips on needle loss

The Korea-Fir (Abie's koreana) belongs to the genus of firs (abies) and is assigned herein to the pine family. As the name suggests, the home of this fir is Korea, here it is at home on the island of Jeju-do. It grows there to an altitude of about 1,000 meters above sea level. Here it has a sunny location, but it can also live in the light shade.

Vinegar - planting, care, cutting, removing, poisonous?

The vinegar tree is a widespread wood. You can find him in many gardens. If you own one, you also know how fast these trees or shrubs multiply. It is not so easy to get rid of these many deposits that form through Wurzelausläufer.

Ironwood tree, Parrotia persica - plants and care

The ironwood tree (Metrosideros) is known in many variations and belongs to the family of the myrtle family or the witch hazel family, which stand out with their beautiful flowers. The ironwood tree is originally from Iran and the Caucasus at home, the name Parrotia he has received after the German botanist Friedrich W. Parot (1792-1841).

Bluebell Tree - Care and Hibernation

The bluebell tree is also known under the name Kaiserbaum and delights its owner with blue flowers, which are found together in beautiful umbels. After the flowering of flowers follow large heart-shaped leaves, so that this tree represents a long time of the year a visual adornment. In order for the bluebell tree to show its best side, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to some tips in the area of ​​care and location.

Popular fruit trees - old apple varieties

Fruit trees can be found in many variations in the trade and are very popular among the gardeners of the world. They are not only suitable for harvesting fresh fruit from your own garden, but also for the beautification of the garden.

Monkey Tail Tree, Araucaria - Plants, Care and Propagation

The Monkey Tail Tree - also known as Araucaria - is also called Chilean Araucaria (Araucaria araucana), the nice English name is Monkey Puzzle Tree. He belongs to the family of the Araukariengewächse (Araucariaceae).

Monkey Tree (Araucaria) - Care, Overwintering, Diseases

The monkey tree is better known by the name "Chilean jewelery fir". No matter what you call it, it remains the same eye-catching tree that appears in more and more German gardens.

Olive tree in pot and tub - special care requirements

As an original icon of the Mediterranean, the olive tree has also established itself north of the Alps. Regardless of a conditional winter hardiness, the evergreen jewel is cultivated primarily in the pot and tub. Far away from its sun-drenched habitats, the real olive tree places special demands on the care. This manual explains in detail how to meet the requirements expertly.


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