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The Tree of Life, botanically named Thuja, is one of the most popular hedge plants and is available in numerous garden species. With a little patience, you can very easily get new plants from Tree of Life cuttings. They not only grow faster than by sowing propagated specimens, but are also absolutely varietal. A good period for the propagation is the midsummer: The new year's shoot is already sufficiently lignified from the end of June at the base and the temperatures are high enough for a rapid rooting.

As propagation material branches of vigorous, not too old mother plants are suitable. Cut out the required amount of hidden spots from your hedge to avoid creating ugly gaps. To propagate so-called Risslinge used: These are thin side branches, which are easily demolished at the junction. They form roots more easily than cut cuttings.

Step by step: multiply tree of life by cuttings

Press substrate with planting blade

Prepare planting holes with a wooden stick

Fill the culture dish with soil (left) and prepare planting holes with a wooden stick (right)

As a substrate for the propagation is used commercially available, nutrient-poor Anzuchterde. Fill the thoroughly cleaned culture dish until just below the edge and press the substrate with a planter or your hands. Use a wooden stick to puncture a small hole in the potting soil for each cuttings. This will prevent the instep ends from kinking later when plugged in.

Cut off the beak tongue with scissors

remove lower leaves

Cut off the bark tongue (left) and remove the lower side branches (right)

Cut off the long bark tongue with sharp scissors after tearing off the cuttings. Now remove the lower side branches with the leaves. Otherwise they would easily start to rot with earth contact.

Shorten side branches with scissors

Put the cracklings in the display

Cut the cracks (left) and place in the plant substrate (right)

The soft tip of the teardrop is also removed and the remaining side branches are shortened with scissors. The finished Risslinge insert now with so much distance in the growing substrate that they do not touch each other.

Cuttings anvil

Cover the culture dish with the cuttings

Cast cuttings carefully (left) and cover the cultivation tray (right)

The watering can is moistened thoroughly with the watering can. Stagnant rainwater is best for casting. Then cover the grow box with the transparent lid and place it in a shady, cool outdoor space. Regularly check the soil moisture and briefly remove the hood for ventilation at least every three days. Thuja cuttings grow relatively quickly and reliably compared to other coniferous trees, such as yew trees.

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