Remove stump - burning out or milling?

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Remove stump - burning out or milling?: tree

What is better - burn out stump or mill stump?

Burn out stump

If you are not in such a hurry with the removal of the remains of the felled tree, the stump may be burned out. On the Internet it is recommended to go to the stump with fire accelerators such as methylated spirits or fuel paste to the root. Also from diesel dumped in stump it is possible to read, which is then lit with a little gas. When the tree stump first burns, as long as firewood is piled up, it should be possible to turn the tree stump into a crater in the ground. There are also reports that a favorably located tree stump was the location for a campfire for several years. At each campfire, a piece of the tree stump has disappeared.
However, burning will only work if the tree stump has previously been prepared in a specific way. Because every fire needs oxygen so that it can develop its destructive power. The stump would need to be cut across the entire surface by using a chainsaw to cross the stump from above until the cuts form a lattice. If the fire gets enough oxygen through your power work, it will burn better, but also become more dangerous. If the roots are dry enough, in extreme cases, a fire can continue to glow underground in the ground for a few weeks, this smoldering fire could even continue to migrate and erupt in completely different places.
However, with all burn-out methods, you would need to know in advance if such a fire is allowed on your property. In the course of inquiries about the permit you will also get access to the relevant fire safety regulations, the bids of which you should absolutely comply. Which sometimes could be difficult, because with a tree stump, you have no choice with regard to the place where the fire should arise. Even avoiding an uncontrolled sparks flight (the wind direction should be taken into account with each fire) could therefore become a problem.
Be sure to critically deal with the ideas for getting fired at. As promising and as effortless as it sounds, simply put several glowing briquettes on the stump and let it burn down slowly, it is so complicated and time consuming in reality: you will either sit for hours beside the smoldering stump or you will have to fire sometime leave to burn unattended. It can then happen anything that you are not only liable to, but could also be punished. If the tree is freshly felled, you will usually not be very lucky with the firing method because the tree stump is still too moist.

Remove tree stump by milling

The faster and safer method is to mill the stump a few inches below the ground. If you have the strength and the exercise to handle a large milling machine, you can hire a tiller from the rental centers of the hardware stores. There are tree stumps for stumps of different diameters, they will advise you on site. However, the rent is not very cheap, with something less than 100, - € you probably have to expect in any case.
If you shy away from handling the heavy equipment anyway, you can also hire a service provider to mill out the stump. This is not much more expensive than the rent of the milling machines. Especially if you use the summer offers of some horticultural companies, you can get rid of your stump already from about 80 cents per centimeter trunk diameter, even if the journey still comes to it, could be in a not very thick tree almost cheaper than the rent of the router.

Treatment of the entire rhizome

Which of the methods you apply, what disappears here, is just the actual tree stump. The rootstock stays in the ground and prevents you from planting anything you want in the area of ​​the distant tree. However, removing this rhizome is really no fun: you can get to grips with grave fork, spade and shovel until the coarsest roots are recovered from the ground, you will have thick muscles.

Other methods to remove a stump

There are still several other methods propagated to get rid of a tree stump: Blasting with dynamite, but this may only a company with appropriate expertise and appropriate permits. Or destruction by chemical means, but this is probably not entirely safe: if a chemical agent is so effective that it can destroy wood structures, it is likely to cause quite a bit of pollution in the environment as well.
If you have more gardening patience, you renounce all these methods of violence and let your stump decay with dignity. It can be done a bit faster if you perforate it thoroughly with the drill.Until he has said goodbye, you can still use it as a garden decoration, for the decorative transformation of a tree stump, there are a lot of ideas. Or you can make art out of your tree stump by commissioning a wood artist who knows how to carve with a chainsaw.

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