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To make a professional and above all successful pruning, are
First of all, good knowledge of the biological requirements of the tree is necessary. To harm a tree as little as possible, you have to take into account many factors when pruning.
In a pruning, the mass to energy ratio of the tree is changed. That If the mass of the tree, that is the leaves and parts with living cells, has been reduced by the cut, that the static mass, that is wood without living cells, of the tree can no longer be supplied with energy, then inevitably the tree will die. For this reason, it is not allowed to cut as much around older trees as you can with younger trees.
Basically, after directly planting a tree, it should not be cut around in its crown. It is better to wait and see if and which branches die off if necessary. These branches should then be cut off. When the leaves are fully formed, the parenting session begins. This has the goal to lay the foundation for the desired final shape of the tree. Here, a strong backbone should be achieved and unwanted ramifications should be removed early. The earlier this educational cut occurs, the thinner the branches are and the sooner the wounds close.
If branches have to be removed to reduce the shade, you should make an illumination cut. In this case, a branch is always taken back to the base of the next stronger branch. The wounds close faster and better. Basically, no general rule can be given for the intersection of trees, since each tree is an individual and has its own claims.
At the end of hibernation, however, is basically the best time for pruning. It is critical at the time of leaf release, especially in elms or oaks. At this time you take the tree valuable energy storage. In addition, the work on trees in the period from 01 March to 30 September is not permitted under the Nature Protection Act. However, this can not be seen so closely again because the law clearly prohibits felling and clearing, but allows the cutting and care of trees and shrubs.
However, there are limitations with regard to nests and breeding caves. Information such as what, what, when and what is not allowed, is given by every nursery.

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