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Japanese ornamental pasture, harlequin willow - care and cutting

Japanese ornamental pasture, Harlequin pasture - care and cutting The Japanese ornamental pasture is also known in this country under the name Harlekinweide. Botanists speak of the "salix integra". The greenhouse is a pretty eye-catcher in a garden and on the balcony, because through the refinement, it can certainly be planted in a bucket. Through this refining process, the trunk no longer grows in height, but maybe something in the width.

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Palm kitten - care, cutting and augmenting

Only a few decades ago, the soft and furry Palmkätzchen could be found at forest edges or embankments. But today these are not so often found in nature and therefore are also protected. Therefore, every hobby gardener should cultivate a kitty in their own garden. Care and propagation are very easy.

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Garden hydrangeas: location, care and wintering

For a long time, hydrangeas were considered a bit antiquated. That has long since changed. With their flower splendor, they delight in summer again in tens of thousands of gardens. What is important in the care and the wintering of hydrangeas is here.

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Nordmann fir: growth per year, care and cutting

A Nordmann fir can grow in the garden and as a container plant. With its powerful needles and flexible branches, the Nordmann fir withstands warm temperatures and can be in the room for Christmas. Here you will learn everything about growth, care and sheaths of the tree.

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Tulip tree, Liriodendron tulipifera - all about care and cutting

Lavish floral splendor, unique ornamental leaves and a furious autumn color make the tulip tree a unique piece of jewelry for the garden. In order for the North American magnolia plant in the bed to actually meet the high expectations, important aspects of cultivation are important. Read all about care and cutting of a Liriodendron tulipifera.

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Fast-growing trees - 18 ideal coniferous and deciduous trees

Trees symbolize constancy, act as a guiding figure and provide shade. Of course, most species grow quite slowly. You can now dig deep into your pocket and purchase a mature specimen for your garden. It is cheaper with a young plant from this list of 18 fast-growing coniferous and deciduous trees.

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Properly cultivating farmer's hydrangea - location, fertilizing and cutting

So that the summer flower show of a farmer's hydrangea repeats itself every year, it depends decisively on the right location, professional fertilization and prudent cutting. This tutorial shows in a practical and detailed way how to cultivate the picturesque ornamental wood in the bed and bucket.

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Garden trees: 50 species - small, large and fast-growing trees

Trees are simply part of any garden. But with the huge selection of different tree species, the question quickly arises: Which plant is the right one for your own green area? Personal preferences and the capacity of the garden should be taken into account to choose between small, large and fast-growing trees.

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Tree felling - all costs, expiration and free alternatives

Dropping a tree in the garden not only causes a lot of costs, but also holds a number of pitfalls. It is clear that the precipitation should only be carried out by professionals. How exactly this works and what it costs is here.

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Hydrangea petiolaris - species, location and care

The hydrangea hydrangea (Hydrangea petiolaris) from the hydrangea family (Hydrangeaceae) is one of the most popular climbing plants. The hardy climbing bushes planted facades, garage walls, pergolas or garden fences. Originally native to Japan and Korea, the climbing hydrangea has now established itself in European latitudes.

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Velvet Hydrangea, Hydrangea Sargentiana - Care of A-Z

The velvet hydrangea, botanical Hydrangea Sargentiana, is an impressive eye-catcher. Up to three meters high, the shrub native to China is an enrichment in the garden as a solitaire, but also not quite modest. Here are tips for taking care of A-Z.

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Plant bushes in the garden - 14 fast-growing shrubs

Together with trees, bushes and shrubs form the basic framework of a garden, giving it a very individual shape. The numerous species and varieties have a lot to offer all year round decorative and partly also edible and tasty.

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Panicle hydrangea, Hydrangea paniculata: care and cutting

White flowers and lush greenery make the panicle hydrangea a popular garden plant, which, due to its robustness, is ideal for gardening newbies.The right care and the important pruning in the spring are essential in order to allow the plant a healthy growth.

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Ranunkelstrauch, Ranunkelbusch - Instructions for care and cutting

The Ranunculus Shrub is considered a popular shrub for public plants and parks because of its lush flowering and good hardiness. Even hobby gardeners appreciate the Kerria japonica very much because of their easy cultivation. How to grow the sturdy shrub in your garden is explained in this article.

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Giant bamboo in the garden - care of plants in Germany

Hardly any other plant grows as fast and as high as the giant bamboo. You can literally watch him grow. The plants belonging to the grasses are an impressive sight. Both the winter-green, partly multi-colored foliage and the mighty bamboo stems set spectacular accents all year round in the garden.
The world's largest species of bamboo is Dendrocalamus giganteus with stature heights of up to 30 m.

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Sugarloaf spruce - Instructions for planting / transplanting & cutting

Sugar loaf spruces remain small conifers, so they are especially well suited for tubs on the terrace or balcony. The name is due to their appearance, because this corresponds to the shape of a sugarloaf. The rather maintenance-intensive tree is only between 1.50 and 2.50 cm high and grows quite slowly.

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Tree Diseases from A-Z - Information on Diagnosis and Treatment

The variety of tree diseases is great and should always be taken seriously. In most cases, mushrooms are at work. Which tree diseases are there, how to tell which disease it is, and what you can do to save the tree, see this article.

What is a problem precipitation & risk precipitation?


If you want to plant one of the most beautiful flower shrubs on your own property, opt for the mountain laurel. These bushes are not hard to cultivate if you follow a few simple rules. The mountain laurel is very easy to care for and is very hardy. The shrub is still among the rarities in our country.

Care of climbing hydrangea in tub and pot - instructions


Strong in growth, rich in flowers and extremely decorative - these attributes flank the climbing hydrangea. Equipped with sturdy adhesive organs, the fast-growing climber graces light-poor facades and allows downpipes to disappear without necessarily being planted in the soil. How to properly care for the climber in the bucket and pot explains this manual.


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