Trendy decoration ideas with Amaryllis

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Amaryllis (Hippeastrum), also called knight stars, fascinate with hand-sized, colorful flowering funnels. Thanks to a special cold treatment, the onion flowers bloom in the middle of winter and that also over several weeks. Up to three flower stems can arise from only one onion. Red specimens are particularly popular - matching the flowering around the Christmas season, but pink or white varieties are also available on the market. So that the eye-catching bulb flower opens its flowers in time for Christmas, will be planted from October.

Not only as a potted plant, also as a cut flower, the flower stalks of Amaryllis make perfect. In the vase they last up to three weeks. The presentation of the great Winterblühers is very simple: You put it pure or with little decorative accessories in a vase, because the magnificent onion flower is created for the solo appearance. Our tip: Do not fill the vase water too high, otherwise the stems will quickly become soft. Because of the size of the flowers, you should place some stones on the vase bottom, especially in narrow vessels, to prevent them from tipping over.

Decoration ideas with Amaryllis

Amaryllis 'Hot Pink'

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Trendy decoration ideas with Amaryllis: flower

Trendy decoration ideas with Amaryllis: decoration

Trendy decoration ideas with Amaryllis: Amaryllis


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Trendy decoration ideas with Amaryllis

Trendy decoration ideas with Amaryllis: flower

Those who prefer pink instead of the classic red will love large-flowered varieties such as 'Hot Pink'! Packed all around in moss, they fit well with the trendy country house look. Individual pine branches surround the long shoots

Trendy decoration ideas with Amaryllis: Amaryllis

A high quality Amaryllis has its price, but the quality pays off with up to three strong pedicels per bulb. When planted, the knight stars are only half covered with soil. Between onion and edge of the vessel, a thumb-wide distance is sufficient

Trendy decoration ideas with Amaryllis: ideas

When planting the Amaryllis only slightly watering. Only when the shoot is about ten inches long, the onions are supplied with water every few days. Heat and light support growth. Straight flower stalks are best achieved by regularly turning the pots

Trendy decoration ideas with Amaryllis: trendy

As a table decoration, a small-flowered Amaryllis, which carries shorter and thinner stems, but flowers as rich as the classical varieties. In company, they adorn a simple tin bowl with pebbles and lichen-covered branches

Trendy decoration ideas with Amaryllis: Amaryllis

An attractive eye-catcher are waxed amaryllis. The onions adorn a colored layer of wax, a wire foot gives them sufficient support. The care is minimal, the plants come without soil and water within a few weeks to bloom. Avoid direct sunlight and keep rebuilding the onions to prevent the amaryllids from growing and tilting

Amaryllis 'Hot Pink'

Amaryllis in shell

white and red amaryllis

Amaryllis in tin bowl

Amaryllis dipped in wax

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