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Fruity and spicy flower pleasure

While the summer flowers are responsible for the visual effect here in a wonderful color combination of pink, salmon orange and white, the new strawberry mint in the middle is especially rich in aroma.

1 Verbena 'Samira Peach' wears large peach-colored flower wheels. In the back area the white candles of the new tower 2 Balcony sage 'Farina White' (2 pieces) in height - an ideal contrast to the flower balls of the 3 Mocca geranium 'Nekita Salmon' with beautifully drawn, dark foliage. 4 Strawberry mint 'Almira' stands out with fruity strawberry fragrance, 5 Magic bell 'Calita Orange' flowers abundantly and brightly.

Planter idea with verbena, sage, mocca geranium, strawberry mint and magic bells

In color, this flower box spreads a pleasant strawberry fragrance

Chocolate dream with cream

Refined black-and-white contrasts and a fascinating scent of chocolate make up the appeal of the combination. Velvety and almost black, the effect 1 Petunia 'Black Velvet' like a mysterious beauty. The 2 Chocolate flower 'Chocomocha' (2 pieces) completes the dark play of colors and makes you happy with its wonderful fragrance. 3 Chocolate Mint 'Chocolate' is a composition of peppermint and chocolate. As a visual icing fills it 4 Magic snow 'Silver Fog' the rear center in the box and delights with filigree abundance. 5 Petunia 'Surfinia Snow' makes lush flowering cascades.

Flower box Idea with petunia, chocolate flower, chocolate mint, magic snow, petunia

This flower box is a true chocolate dream

Sweet cloud for connoisseurs

For the wonderfully sweet and intense honey fragrance that lays on the flower combination is 1 Duftsteinrich 'Easter Bonnet White' (2 pieces) in charge. It blooms tirelessly and forms a dense cushion of white flowers. Behind it shines 2 Gazanie 'Kiss Yellow' in sunny yellow. In the back middle of the box, the silver - gray leaves of the 3 Dwarf curry 'Aladin' for an elegant note and typical curry aroma. In summer yellow flowers appear. 4 Magic Bells 'Lemon Slice' combines the yellow and white color motto in its striped flowers with a yellow star on a white background. On the 5 Lantana 'Esperanta Yellow' does not just fly butterflies!

Planter idea with Duftsteinrich, Gazanie, dwarf curry, magic bell, lantana

A nice combination of yellow and white flowers

Seductive vanilla fragrance

From pink to pink and from blue to violet, the summer flowers in this combination ensure a harmonious and at the same time varied play of colors. The strong vanilla aroma of the 1 Vanilla flower 'Nagano' (2 pieces), which forms lush flower umbrellas. 2 Balcony sage 'Farina Violet' is in constant flowering, attracting bees and butterflies. 3 Rosemary 'Abraxas', with its spicy fragrance, goes perfectly with the sweet vanilla aroma of the arrangement. In the front area forms the 4 Magic bells 'Calita Purple Star' a great eye-catcher. The color picks up the 5 Magnificent candle 'Gambit Rose' on.

Planter idea with vanilla flower, balcony sage, rosemary, magic bells and superb candles

The fragrances of the flower box create a very special note thanks to the sweetness of the vanilla aroma and the spicy rosemary

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