The trick with the thimble

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Who has the thimble in the garden, usually does not need to worry about the increase. The plant does it by itself. But beware: it is highly toxic!

Foxglove plant trick bloom

The thimble is beautiful, but you have to be careful. The plant is finally poisonous. Although it has been used in the treatment of heart disease in medicine for centuries, whoever so consumes it can die of it. The thimble is therefore simultaneously a poison and medicinal plant. In the garden, where children often play, the thimble has no business. Otherwise, the plant is often seen in many gardens.

The thimble is actually a biennial plant

Who has the thimble in the garden, who will know that this is two years old. That is, in the first year, only forms the leaf rosette, in the second year he then flowers. After that he usually sows himself again. The original plant dies. But you can prevent that with a little luck.

➜ How it works:

If you cut the panicles immediately after flowering, even before they ripen, the likelihood of the leaf rosette returning over the winter is very high. This means that you can expect great flowers again next spring.

If you want to play it safe you should ripen one or two panicles and, if possible, scatter the seeds themselves. In any case, you will ensure that you have new blood. It is best if you prefer them in Aussaaterde. Just push the seeds into the ground slightly. Then a temperature of about 18 degrees Celsius is important for the seeds. In addition, always keep the soil slightly moist.

This is the right location

The thimble thrives in the wild mainly at forest edges. But even in the garden, the plant can be cultivated well. Especially if you can offer her a bright place in partial shade. The soil should also be loose, moist, lime-poor and rich in humus.

So you maintain the thimble properly

To water:

The thimble likes it damp. The soil must never dry out completely. If so, it will make the plant crooked right away. Therefore, water the foxglove regularly during the main season of vegetation (April to September). Here, however, "less is more". It's better to water a little bit every day instead of every two days.


Since the plants are only two years old, they need no fertilizer. However, it can not hurt to carefully work some compost into the ground around the plant in spring and late summer.


In winter, you do not have to take any special precautions as the thimble is very sturdy. Nevertheless, it is advisable to cover the floor with some bark mulch.

Always remember:

If you come into contact with the thimble then you need to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. Always wear gloves when gardening. So you make sure nothing can happen.

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