Build wooden bathing barrel yourself - construction manual for a bathing barrel

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Build wooden bathing barrel yourself - construction manual for a bathing barrel: build

BadefƤsser are also increasingly in demand in Germany, but are relatively expensive. Therefore, many people decide to build the bathing barrel made of wood itself. This is basically not difficult if you have found the right container. BadefƤsser are characterized by the fact that they are round. Now you can not even just bend so simple wood planks that results in a round shape. An alternative is needed.

Build the bathing barrel yourself

An alternative can be, for example, a large wine barrel or even better an old whiskey barrel. Such things can often be used on the Internet, and auction houses are very good places to go.
Otherwise you have to say goodbye to the shape of a barrel and construct a square bathing barrel. The decisive factor is that a wood is selected, which is also able to cope with the stresses, ie the influence of water.
Ready bathing vessels are e.g. always gladly made of spruce wood offered. To be able to sit in the bath barrel, a corresponding bank must be constructed. Visually, you can orient yourself to a sauna facility.
Not to forget in any case, a drain, which is ideally located at the bottom of the barrel or directly on the ground. If this is the case, it may be necessary to work with underground pipes so that the water can be drained well. In this context, thought must also be given to a water supply.
If you already have a pump in the garden, the water can be easily filled with a garden hose. If this is not the case, the location of the bath barrel should be chosen so that the tap water can be filled without much effort.
However, garden hoses can also help here, because with the right connectors they can be connected to any standard faucet. However, one must not forget that the use of tap water for a bathing barrel is a very expensive affair.

The challenge: a heating

In order to be able to use the bathing barrel also in the winter and thus do much for his health, a heating must be mounted. You can use the swimming pool technology, which in turn is associated with high expenses.
The purchase of such a heater for the bath barrel is not exactly cheap. However, the operation already, if you opt for a model with solar drive. Alternatively, you can also build the heater yourself. This requires a heating tube through which water can flow later.
This heating tube should be in the form of a spiral, then it can be used simultaneously as a fireplace. If a fire is made directly in the heating tube, the water that flows through the heating tube heats up. For the water to flow, it is still necessary to think of a pump. So gradually the water is heated in the bathing barrel and you have in winter at the same time still a nice campfire.
Such alternatives for swimming pool heating require a little inventive spirit. Who is not blessed with it, can get a better impression of it on the internet.
There are numerous websites on which such building instructions are not only described in words, but also clearly explained by means of photos or video films. Such websites can be found very quickly via one of the well-known search engines.

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