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Tuplenroute Northeast Polder

The presented private gardens can be easily reached by bike on a 20 km long route

The Northeast Polder is located one hundred kilometers north of Amsterdam and is the most important cultivation area for flower bulbs in the Netherlands. From mid-April the colorful tulip fields will be blooming in the countryside below the sea level. For those who want to experience the impressive splendor of the tulip blossom, we recommend the Tulip Festival, which takes place from 15 April to 8 May at the Northeast Polder. An approximately 80 kilometer long route, the so-called Tulip route, leads past the agricultural polder landscape, small towns invite you to linger. Interesting for hobby gardeners are the varieties show garden and the information center in Creil. Tip: be sure to visit the tulip field for picking and take the spring home with you!

Tulip blossom in the garden of Lipkje Schat

One can not miss the garden of Lipkje Schat in the village of Bant. The pretty brick house is located on a narrow street in the midst of fantastically beautiful discounts and lush green lawns. As early as 1988, the plant friend began to arrange the approximately 3,500 square meter area around the house and yard by means of beech and privet hedges in such a way that nine different garden rooms have been created to this day. Straight lines are characteristic, following the typical lines of the polder landscape on the IJsselmeer. In the borders, which are sometimes held in different pinks and violet tones, in yellow and orange or even in pure white depending on the area, Lipkje Schat paid attention in every detail to growth habit and leaf structures. If she opens her garden to visitors during the Tulip route, many of the ornamental apples will flourish on the property. So that it does not get too colorful in the flower beds, bookballs or book cubes cut into shapes all over form neutral green.

Lipkje Schat on the tulip route

The center of the large front garden of Lipkje Schat is a rectangular pond. All around you will find Bergenien, stylishly framed by Buchs. In pots glow yellow tulips 'Gironde'

Goldhoorn Garden

It is obvious that flowering tulips are indispensable in Elly Kloosterboer-Blok's Goldhoorn Garden, because every year they allow the Dutchwoman new color combinations in the flower beds of her now 5,000-square-meter mountain retreat in Bant. Here you go on narrow paths on a journey of discovery. Hedges made of beech, privet or yew are used to shield different types of borders and seating areas. At the heart of the property is a large pond spanned by a bridge. A white pavilion on the shore invites you to linger.

Goldhoorn Garden

In warm shades, this symmetrically landscaped garden room shows. Imperial crowns and tulips in yellow and orange exude a happy mood. Just behind the pavilion stretches the open landscape

Stekkentuin in Espel

In the equally large, colorful Stekkentuin by Wies Voesten in Espel, beds, lawns and paths have no corners and edges. The passionate gardener has planted her flowerbeds with robust perennials and ornamental shrubs, whose attractive foliage greatly appeals to them when, as is still the case, little flowers outside.

Garden Stekkentuin

Curved beds, which are raised by landfill, line the lawn in the "Stekkentuin". At the beginning only planted with offshoots (Stekken), now a very special shrub garden has emerged

All information about the 2016 Tulip Festival can be found at in Dutch and in an online brochure with German explanations at

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